What Attacks Are Available For The 2022 Pokémon GO Championships?

One of the most practically useful elements of the current Pokémon GO 2022 Championships Event is the unlocking of older Community Day moves. Let's take a look at which moves will be available during this event to facilitate players in suiting their Pokémon with the best possible moves.

2022 Pokémon GO Championships event graphic. Credit: Niantic
2022 Pokémon GO Championships event graphic. Credit: Niantic

The following attacks will be available through evolution in Pokémon GO during the event:

  • Evolve Rhydon to get a Rhyperior with the Charged Attack Rock Wrecker: This is one of the most useful moves in the entire game. Rhyperior with Rock Wrecker is a game changer due to it being both a powerful and fast-charging move. This is particularly useful for raids, as many Tier Five raid bosses are weak to Rock-types, and Rhyperior with this move becomes one of the very best Rock-types.
  • Evolve Haunter to get a Gengar with the Charged Attack Shadow Punch: Gengar has good use in both raids and GO Battle League, but man oh man does Gengar have a lot of solid moves. I would be sure to suit at least one of your Gengar with this one, but Gengar is essentially always going to be a glass tank when you use it.
  • Evolve Magikarp to get a Gyarados with the Charged Attack Aqua Tail: This Aqua Tail move is fast-charging, which is a game-changer for Gyrados. This is definitely a move that you should get especially for use in GO Battle League.
  • Evolve Metang to get a Metagross with the Charged Attack Meteor Mash: I'd put this right up there with Rhyperior's Rock Wrecker as the top legacy move available during this event. With Meteor Mash, Metagross is the best Steel-type attacker and one of the best overall attackers in the game. A Metagross (or six) with Meteor Mash is 100% necessary for all Pokémon GO players.
  • Evolve Fletchinder to get a Talonflame with the Fast Attack Incinerate: Ultra League! Be sure to throw Incinerate onto your Talonflame and suit it with Flame Charge and Brave Bird to make it a real threat in GO Battle League.

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