What Mythical Pokémon Will Debut At Pokémon GO Fest 2021?

Every year, Pokémon GO releases a new Mythical Pokémon during GO Fest, allowing ticketed players to catch this new oddity of the Pokémon world first. Then, a bit later, the Mythical becomes available to all trainers with a free Special Research. Generally, Niantic has released these in order, starting with Generation One's Mew, moving to Celebi from Generation Two and Jirachi from Generation Three. Last year, though, Pokémon GO threw us a curveball by skipping Generation Four and moving to Generation Five's Victini. Now, with GO Fest just a few months away, players are beginning to wonder what Mythical will be next.

Mythical Pokémon. Credit: Niantic & TPCI
Mythical Pokémon. Credit: Niantic & TPCI

Possibilities include:

  • Shaymin: Last year, it seemed as if everyone was certain that Shaymin would be the GO Fest 2020 Mythical Pokémon, but Niantic instead skipped ahead a generation to Victini. Previously, Mythical releases had pretty much been in generation order. My bet is that this Sinnoh fan-favorite is the major release of GO Fest 2021. Personally, what I wonder is how its two different Formes will be handled. Maybe one in 2021 and one in 2022? Or perhaps Shaymin is the Pokémon that Niantic will allow to change Formes, a new feature found in a recent datamine. There is only one choice as likely as Shaymin, though, and it is…
  • Manaphy, Phione: Also from Sinnoh, the Mythical pair of Phione and Manaphy will undoubtedly be linked when released. In the original games, the only way to obtain a Phione was to breed a Manaphy (or another Phione) with a Ditto. While breeding isn't in Pokémon GO, it'd be very unusual to see Niantic split this pair if Manaphy ends up being the GO Fest 2021 Mythical.
  • Meloetta: Another Forme-changer, Meloetta is a Unovan Mythical and we do already have Victini, so anything is possible.
  • Keldeo: While possible, I don't see Keldo being the Mythical of choice on Pokémon's 25th Anniversary.
  • Hoopa: Hoopa is a possibility, but it seems more like Deoxys, Darkrai, and Genesect as raid Mythicals than it does the Special Research Mythicals like Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Victini.
  • Diancie: Huge possibility here. Last year, we saw Pokémon GO totally skip Generation Four in order to tie GO Fest into the Unova unveiling by making Victini the new Mythical. With Kalos Pokémon coming out, it is a huge possibility that Diancie will be the new Mythical.

In the end, I still think it'll be Shaymin… though Diancie is a close second. Whichever it is, when news comes out, Bleeding Cool will be on deck to report.

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