You Can Now Play "Diablo" in Your Web Browser

Thanks to a group of dedicated Diablo fans, you can now play the MMORPG in your browser window. The browser edition of the classic game was created thanks to the reverse-engineering of the game's source-code that hit the internet last year. That code has been used already to create a Diablo port for the Switch, but this time around, developer Rivsoft created a shareware version of the game that is playable inside a web browser.

Diablo III

From Bloody Disgusting:

Well, the same source code has been used again, this time by Rivsoft to allow you to play the original shareware version of Diablo in your web browser! Not only that, but if you own the original game (or the version from, you can drag a certain file onto the browser page to access the full game.

The demo gives you access to the first two areas of the game's dungeon (where you face off against The Butcher), and allows you to play as the Warrior.

There's no idea on how long this version will be up, but if you're in a pinch while waiting for Diablo 4, then why not check out this curiosity?

You can check out the web browser edition of Diablo here.

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