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Zorro: The Chronicles Will Be Heroically Playable This Fall

The masked vigilante of old California returns to gaming consoles as Zorro The Chronicles will be coming out this Fall. The first new game based on the iconic hero since 2008's The Destiny Of Zorro for the Nintendo Wii, the game will have you playing as the version of the character from the 2015 animated series of the same name. This particular game is being developed on behalf of PVP Games by Bkom Studios and published by BTC Studios, as you will be getting an epic adventure title where you play as the masked hero in Spanish California. The game will be released sometime in the Fall on all three major consoles, including next-gen, as well as PC. You can read more about the game below and check out the announcement trailer!

You will know me by the" Z" that I leave in your shirt. Courtesy of BTC Studios.
You will know me by the" Z" that I leave on your shirt. Courtesy of BTC Studios.

Don Diego de la Vega, the beloved son of a respected landlord, is returning to California after five long years in Spain.  Longing for his father and sister Ines, his heart is filled with joy in anticipation of seeing them again and returning to his peaceful town. However, things are no longer the same as when he left. The town is now ruled by Captain Monasterio whose greed only rivals his ambition. Poor townspeople who cannot pay exorbitant new taxes are sent to jail, and their families are forced to work off the debt. The once joyful community is now a place of oppression and hopelessness. Don Diego cannot stand the injustice he sees, but at the same time, he knows he cannot openly fight Monasterio and his soldiers. However, where there's a will, there's a way. Don Diego acts upon the old Spanish saying, "If you can't fight like a lion, become a fox", and this is how the legend of Zorro is born!

Zorro: The Chronicles is an exciting and humorous action game featuring combat and exploration gameplay inspired by the likes of Arkham Asylum, Spider-Man and Assassin's Creed. Zorro will be the only game on the market for the 7+ demographic delivering a high-quality experience usually found in games for more mature players. Play as Zorro or his sister Ines. Protect the weak and the innocent from the evil general and his army. Bring justice back to nineteenth-century Spanish California. Become a master swordsman. Disarm your enemies with a whip, a sword, spectacular moves and a sense of humor! Deflect their attacks with acrobatic moves and lightning-quick reflexes. Leave your mark on them with a 'Z' from the tip of your sword!

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