5 More Things for Snyderbronies to Do While Waiting for the Snyder Cut

Back in June, Snyderbronies — the hardcore fans of director Zack Snyder — won a great victory when Warner Bros announced that they would finally release the Snyder Cut of Justice League on HBO Max in 2021. The Snyder Cut of Justice League is a version of the failed 2017 film which restores Snyder's vision of a grim and gritty world where superheroes kill.

Superman cries in anguish at the thought of a Justice League devoid of Zack Snyder's vision before the release of the Snyder Cut.
Superman cries in anguish at the thought of a Justice League devoid of Zack Snyder's vision before the release of the Snyder Cut.

While that victory feels food, 2021 is still a long time away. What are Snyderbronies supposed to do with their time until then? Back in June, we suggested five things Snyderbronies could do to kill time until then, but now that the Snyder Cut trailer was released at DC Fandome last weekend, it's time to update that list.

Watch the trailer over and over again looking for Easter eggs

This is obviously the most important thing any self-respecting Snyderbrony can do from now until the release of the Snyder Cut on HBO Max. Zack Snyder is a genius the likes of which the filmmaking world has never seen, and we could probably write a hundred clickbait articles just from analyzing that one trailer. Besides, when the Snyder Cut does come out, do you want to be taken by surprise by all of the secrets other Snyderbronies discovered because they wisely spent their time studying a trailer which is, itself, a cinematic masterpiece far greater than allege fake feminist Joss Whedon's entire theatrical release?!

Be the bigger person and don't yell at people on Twitter who don't appreciate Zack Snyder's genius

Look. We won. There's no need to gloat about it. The fact that all those jerks on Twitter don't appreciate Zack Snyder's genius is their loss. They're the ones who are stuck thinking Joss Whedon's Justice League is an acceptable film when we Snyderbronies know the truth without even seeing it, that The Snyder Cut is the greatest achievement in the history of cinema.

Just kidding; yell at everyone on Twitter who doesn't appreciate Zack Snyder's genius

Ah, screw it. Let those jerks have it! How long did they mock us, the noble Snyderbronies, who wanted only to evangelize the glory of Zack Snyder to disbelievers? As literally the most persecuted group in the history of persecution, Snyderbronies have suffered long enough. Now they are the ones who will suffer. Ahahahaha!

Seriously, those people never did anything for you; they deserve it

It's time for revenge, baby. Would Superman be so petty as to seek revenge on his enemies? Maybe not if you're watching some Joss Whedon bullshit, but you can bet your ass Zack Snyder's Superman would be all about the god damn revenge!

Besides, Zack Snyder himself is doing it

Did you see how he took down that Forbes blogger on Twitter? It was better than Superman snapping Zod's neck at the end of Man of Steel. That jerk was all like, "So, that trailer for the Snyder Cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE looks like… the same movie? Lots of deleted scenes from the marketing campaign but otherwise it looks like alternate takes of existing scenes," and then Snyder was all like, "You said you enjoyed the theatrical cut of Justice League like you enjoy your Saturday morning cartoons… Well, this is made for grownups, so you're not in the demographic. Also, cool of you to comment on a leaked teaser."

Boom! Take that, Scott Mendelson, if that even is your real name. But in any case, Daddy Snyder has shown us the way, and now we as Snyderbronies owe it to him to follow in his footsteps and take down all critics of the Snyder Cut on social media. For Justice! For the Snyder Cut! And because there's really not all that much else to do during quarantine while we wait for this damn movie to come out.

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