Booker T Says Hulk Hogan Shouldn't Be Blackballed for Saying Something "a Lot of Us Say on a Daily Basis"

Multi-time world champion, WWE Hall-of-Famer, and Houston mayoral candidate Booker T appears to believe that lots of people unleash slur-laden racist tirades about our daughter's sex lives while being secretly filmed on a cuckold porn video with the wife of a radio shock jock, according to comments on the latest episode of his Heated Conversations podcast. Hogan was fired from WWE in 2015 when the rant leaked as part of a court battle against Gawker funded by conservative Paypal billionaire Peter Thiel.

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"The only thing Hogan can do is apologize, atone for it, and we move forward," said Booker on the podcast, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc. "Everyone deserves a second chance, that's just the way I am."

Booker went on to attribute part of his success to Hogan, saying: "I talk about Hulk Hogan being in my corner back in the day… Back in day, if it wasn't for Hulk Hogan, I don't know if Booker T and [Booker's brother and Harlem Heat tag team partner] Stevie Ray would've gotten the push that we got. Back in the day, Sister Sherri [Martel, who managed Harlem Heat] was an intricate detail, she was an intricate part of Harlem Heat and our success, and it was all because of Hulk Hogan saying, 'those are the guys you should be putting your money behind.'"

Booker then said that Hogan should return to his "rightful place" in wrestling.

"I'm not gonna take that away from him," Booker explained. "I'm not gonna sit here and say, 'no he should be blackballed, blacklisted from the game forevermore for saying something that a lot of us say on a daily basis.'"

To be clear, this is a portion of the rant Hogan was fired for:

I don't know if Brooke was ****ing the black guy's son. I mean, I don't have double standards. I mean, I am a racist, to a point, ****ing ****ers. But then when it comes to nice people and ****, and whatever. […] I mean, I'd rather if she was going to **** some ****er, I'd rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall ****er worth a hundred million dollars! Like a basketball player! I guess we're all a little racist. Fucking ****er."

Sorry, Book. It's true.

It seems reasonable to conclude that Booker is talking about casually dropping the n-word being something "a lot of us say on a daily basis," and not statements on the preference for one's daughter's sexual partners.

"I don't myself, but a lot of us do," Booker added, which, well…

In any case, Booker concluded that Hogan should be allowed to return, as all evidence seem to indicate he's on his way to doing. "So, I say let this man, who has done so much for the wrestling business, truly take his rightful place, and that's back in the WWE."

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