Clerks III: Lionsgate Releases New Poster & Trailer Release Date

Clerks III, the first official trilogy in the View Askewniverse, is looming closer to becoming a reality following up the misadventures of Dante (Brian O'Halloran), Randal (Jeff Anderson), Jay (Jason Mewes), Silent Bob (Kevin Smith), Elias (Trevor Fehrman), and Becky (Rosario Dawson). Lionsgate released the film's official poster showing the first four original characters from the 1994 film along with two new faces. Dante and Randal are facing the Quick Stop Groceries getting ready for another day with Jay, Silent Bob, and the two new faces waiting for them to open the store with the tagline reading, "They're too old for this shift."

Clerks III: Lionsgate Releases First Look at Kevin Smith Sequel
Trevor Fehrman, Brian O'Halloran, Rosario Dawson, and Jeff Anderson in Clerks III. Image courtesy of Lionsgate

The tweet also announced the release date of the trailer on July 6. The 2006 sequel introduced Dawson and Fehrman's characters working at the Askewniverse's fictional fast-food burger chain Mooby's. While little has been revealed about the film, Smith, who also wrote and directed, provided production updates. "The film is predicated on the idea that Randal survives a heart attack, a massive heart attack, quite like I did, and then winds up, you know, deciding that he's wasted his life," he told Vanity Fair. "But before he dies, he wants to memorialize himself. He wants to make a movie. So our boys essentially wind up making Clerks."

The events of Clerks saw Dante run the Quick Stop with Randal running the adjacent video store sharing the same building. The beginning of the 2006 sequel found Dante still working there but discovering the convenience store lost in a fire before the two find new jobs at Mooby's. The end saw Dante and Randal in jail, with Jay and Silent Bob discovering they can become business partners to restore the Quick Stop to its former glory. Dante also solidifies his relationship with Mooby's manager Becky.

Clerks III: Lionsgate Releases New Poster & Trailer Release Date

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