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Terry Crews in Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Image: NBCUniversal)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Star Terry Crews Says 4 Season 8 Eps Now Scrapped

Speaking to Access on Tuesday, star Terry Crews revealed that the show's self-reflection has already brought about some major changes to the upcoming eighth season: "We’ve had a lot of somber talks about it and deep conversations and we hope through this we’re going to make something that will be truly groundbreaking this year[...]

Terry Crews on the Future of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Terry Crews On Protests, "Black Supremacy" Tweet

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews was Seth Meyers' virtual guest on NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers, and he used the opportunity to address two important topics In wake of the protests that resulted from the killing of George Floyd by four Minneapolis police officers, Crews was asked how the national spotlight on and protests[...]

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 7

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Donates $100,000 for Gregory Floyd Protests Fund

On Tuesday evening, cast members including Stephanie Beatriz, Terry Crews, Andre Braugher, and others, as well as showrunner Dan Goor, announced that they would be donating $100,000 to the National Bail Fund Network In the posts below, the series says they "condemn the murder of George Floyd and support the many people who are protesting[...]

Bill Murray is set to take on Guy Fieri this Friday, courtesy of Food Network Facebook.

Guy Fieri and Bill Murray Go Mano a Mano for All the Nachos

Hosted by Chef Carla Hall, celebrity guests Shaquille O' Neal and Terry Crews served as judges for the charity event, developed to raise both awareness of and funds for the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (RERF) We'll save the spoilers until after the jump, but here a look at how the competition went down:  In complete fairness, the[...]

Bill Murray is set to take on Guy Fieri this Friday, courtesy of Food Network Facebook.

Bill Murray Talks Beating Michael Jordan, Guy Fieri's Nachos and More

Hosted by Chef Carla Hall, celebrity guests Shaquille O' Neal and Terry Crews will serve as judges for the charity event, developed to raise awareness and funds for the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (RERF) To get you caught up-to-speed, here's a look at the event's poster followed by Murray and Fieri's visit to The Tonight Show[...]

The Willoughbys | Official Trailer | Netflix

'The Willoughbys': Watch the Netflix Family Comedy Trailer Now

The Willoughbys trailer was posted online this morning by Netflix, starring the voice talents of Will Forte, Maya Rudolph, Alessia Cara, Terry Crews, Martin Short, Jane Krakowski, and Ricky Gervais The film is about a family who's children decide to send their own, selfish parents on vacation so they can fend for themselves Naturally, hilarity[...]

"LEGO Masters" Featuring "Star Wars" Theme; Guest Stars Mayim Bialik, Terry Crews, R2-D2 & More [PREVIEW]

©2019 Fox Media LLC ©2020 Fox Media LLC Cr: Ray Mickshaw/FOX[/caption]● Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory) will help the contestants pair LEGO-building expertise with their knowledge of the universe in a space-themed episode.[caption id="attachment_1144038" align="alignnone" width="2000"] LEGO MASTERS: Upcoming guest star Terry Crews (R) with host Will Arnett (L) and contestant Aaron (C) in LEGO[...]

Terry Crews, Zac Efron Get BossLogic Reimaginings as Jaxx and Green Lantern

We LOVE it when BossLogic does his magic with reimagining folks in roles across film, tv, comics, and video games.  This new batch of three images cross that gauntlet; Terry Crews as Jaxx from Mortal Kombat, Zac Efron as The Green Lantern, and a highly stylized Day Of The Dead Jon Bernthal as Marvel's The Punisher.Perfect.You can[...]


How About 'The Crown', But Reimagined as a Cop Show?

Ancestors bless late night talk show hosts and their talented staffs for creating memorable vignettes and sketches for the rest of us to enjoy, like this most recent one from The Late Late Show with James Corden reimagining Netflix's The Crown as a freaking cop show.Featuring former The Crown actor Matt Smith (who played Prince Phillip for seasons[...]

Brooklyn 'Nine-Nine' Rang Through the Halls of SDCC18

Words and Photo courtesy of Bleeding Cool's Madeline Potts: SDCC is all about the underdog. Yes, there's Marvel and DC and tons of other major networks. But at the core of all this, underneath the 30 ft. tall banners and huge installations are the fans. The fans that will do anything to see their favorite TV […]

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Who are the Members of Deadpool's New (X-Force?) Team in the Deadpool 2 Trailer?

But what about the other three? Who are these characters? Let's speculate.On the far right, that's Terry Crews, who we know was cast in an unknown role in the movie Some are speculating that Crews could be playing George Washington Bridge, a character who, like Deadpool, was created by Rob Liefeld and Marvel janitor Fabian[...]

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Portlandia Season 8: Armisen and Brownstein Get the Band Back Together

Joining them on this "final tour" are Rachel Bloom, Aidy Bryant, Terry Crews, Rashida Jones and Tracee Ellis Ross.You can check out the first official trailer for Portlandia's swan song below, where things seem to be taking an interesting turn for a number townsfolk:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViAgCZIajYYPortlandia Season 8 premieres on IFC on January 18th, 2018 at 10 p.m.IFC President[...]


'Overwatch' Devs Explain Why You Didn't Get Terry Crews

A lot of people still seem to be miffed over the idea that Terry Crews didn't get added to Overwatch as Doomfist We're not entirely sure why this is a sticking point with so many, it isn't like the current voice actor (Sahr Ngaujah) is bad or anything, but when people have celebrity crushes for[...]

Terry Crews Character Added To 'Crackdown 3'

Everyone freaked out and got disappointed when we didn't see Terry Crews in Overwatch Hopefully, this Crackdown 3 addition will calm some of those people down Previously, Crews himself had only appeared in trailers for the game as a way to get you pumped up about it, including introducing the game during E3 Now we[...]

Terry Crews Really Really Wants To Be Doomfist

Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews is an avowed Blizzard fan and recently made an undeniable case for his desire to be Doomfist.For those not paying attention to the world of Overwatch, the character of Doomfist goes back to a reference made in the first animated Overwatch short that took off among fans Blizzard fleshed out the character's[...]

The Rock Endorses Terry Crews Being Doomfist In Overwatch

The Terry Crews as Doomfist in Overwatch push has been going on for a while He's been at Blizzard recently, and it had been suggested long before that happened too He also recently sent a tweet out asking directly if people think he should have be in the role He's going in hard for it[...]