Does Frozen II Have a Post-Credits Scene? #Frozen2

Just got out of seeing Frozen II with the kids at Leicester Square. It's out on November the 22nd here, but the big question I have been asked, especially for other people coming with small ones in tow is a) is there a post-credit scene and b) is it worth placating young children with sweets, popcorn, candy and the like to shut them up, getting through the credits for Stereo Artists, Helpdesk and IT Services just in case?

The answer to both is a very solid yes. No spoilers, but there is one scene in the movie with Olaf that will be appreciated by fans of the first movie, especially the ones who know it inside out, they will be very rewarded. And the post-credit scene, arriving at the very very end of the credits, just before the Disney castle, reprises that scene but applies it to Frozen 2 rather than the first Frozen.

For all Frozen fans and hey, you're seeing the second movie, so it's a good chance that's who you are, it is very much worth staying in your seat, and making sure everyone who is leaving has gone, giving you an unfettered view of the screen. It also does a great job of sneering what I thought might have been a tiny plot hole, or rather an unanswered question, when watching the movie at one point. We see there are consequences, I wondered if there were further unanswered consequences, and the post credit scene answers them all.

So yes, when the credits, the interminable credits, begin to roll, sit exactly where you are as Weezer start to play. Remain… Frozen. See what I did there?

Frozen II is released internationally on November 22nd. As to Frozen III… no idea.

Does Frozen II Have a Post-Credit Scene? #Frozen2



Does Frozen II Have a Post-Credit Scene? #Frozen2
Does Frozen II Have a Post-Credit Scene? #Frozen2Does Frozen II Have a Post-Credit Scene? #Frozen2

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