Evil Dead Rise Will Commence Filming Later This Year

Evil Dead is a franchise that feels like it won't ever truly stay dead, and the passionate fandom has kept the blood pumping for decades.

The original Evil Dead spawned two official sequels that were also received with the love and respect of fans, even getting a more modern 2013 reboot that was just shy of earning $100 million in the box office. It also earned itself a STARZ series (Ash vs. Evil Dead) that included franchise icon Bruce Campbell reprising his role as Ash Williams for more supernatural madness.

New Evil Dead film On The Way From Hole In The Ground Director
Ash Williams – Bruce Campbell

The STARZ series ran for three seasons, and upon cancellation, fans outcry for more prompted campaigns to renew — but Campbell stated he was retiring as Ash. The notion was a sad pill to swallow; however, there was a silver lining with Evil Dead Rise confirmed to continue the franchise in a cinematic form with Campbell taking on a new role as producer.

In a new exclusive interview with Knox News, Campbell was asked about the next installment and suggested there's been progress (or some form of momentum at the very least.) Campbell shared that they are, in fact, "Planning to shoot the next Evil Dead movie in New Zealand later this year," The Evil Dead veteran star continued, "[It's] set in a modern-day urban setting. It's out of the woods."

By straying from the safe space of the woods fans have become accustomed to, this newer, fresh take on the popular universe will add a level of unpredictability. While fans enjoyed the previous installments, it's crucial for these revisited franchises to continue to adapt and grow — while respecting what came before is always great, we still need some sense of originality. If Evil Dead Rise is already prepping us for a Campbell-produced film that deviates from everything we expected, this is going to be an exciting transition.

What are you hoping to see in the next Evil Dead film? 

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