Josh Gad Denies DCEU Penguin Rumors That He Started Himself


Earlier this month, Josh Gad set off red alerts all throughout the entertainment media blogosphere when he tweeted a photo of Batman villain the Penguin. Under the provisions of the Gunn Accords that serve as the legal guidelines for entertainment news reporting, whenever an actor posts anything on social media referencing a comic book character, it is basically the journalistic duty of a website to create a clickbait article speculating on whether the actor has been cast in the role. Adding fuel to the fire, DC film execs Geoff "Jeff" Johns and Jon Berg also began following Gad on social media, which is practically a legally binding contract.

But Gad, who clearly has no respect for the rules, was interviewed on MTV's Facebook page, where he denied that the social media post meant anything:

"Oh god. Oh god. I was just having some fun. Just having some fun," Gad gleefully said when asked about the post. "Really, I promise. There's nothing to… there's no 'there' there."

"You know what?" Gad added, gloating over the emotional roller coaster he's forced us all to ride. "The internet just goes wild. I'm just having some fun, putting things out there."

Gad said that he's never met Matt Reeves, director of The Batman, where Gad would have been most likely to appear as The Penguin if the rumors were true. "He seems like a lovely guy," Gad pointed out, however. "I love his work."

All of that being said, asked whether he'd be against playing Oswald Cobblepot in a movie, Gad said, "I would absolutely be open to playing The Penguin in a Batman movie."

But asked it there was anything at all to the rumors, Gad would only say, "We'll see."

So what do you think? Was Gad really just "having some fun" like he claims, or is he attempting to cover up for accidentally revealing too much, too soon, about the project? Nothing gets past us here at Bleeding Cool, so we'll probably explore this concept over the course of several weeks in dozens of clickbait articles based on social media activity. Stay tuned!

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