Watch: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Weird Al Lip Sync 'Hamilton Polka'

NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon continues to be the late night show that keeps on giving, and last night's 'Hamilton Polka' lip syncing segment is proof of that.

Weird Al Yankovic and Lin-Manuel Miranda had been teasing individual song releases for the better part of a month, and two days ago we found out they were joining forces for a #HamilDrop- 'The Hamilton Polka'.

Last night on The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon had both Yankovic and Miranda on as guests, and couldn't resist the opportunity to have them lip sync the new version of the tune.

I think my favorite part is Lin wearing a classic Weird Al shirt — can't get much better than that.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone shortly after the taping of The Tonight Show segment, Lin spoke a bit about what having Weird Al do a song based on one of his creations meant to him as a long-time fan:

Rolling Stone: Let's go through the history here. Lin, tell me your first memory of hearing "Weird Al" music when you were younger.

Miranda: Oh, God. My first memory was hearing "Fat," which is a spoof of "Bad," and like most "Weird Al" fans you discover that there is a catalog and this isn't a one-off. "Oh, my God. There's tons of these." I remember asking my parents for "Weird Al" albums for Christmas and I remember the Christmas morning. There were all these cassettes,  Dare to Be StupidPolka Party, In 3-D. I kinda got the mother lode all at once. And that's the rest of my childhood right here.

Weird Al was also there for the interview, and he spoke about the first time Lin contacted him:

Rolling Stone: Al, tell me your first memory of being aware of Lin.

Yankovic: I think it was when Lin actually contacted me. He wanted me to see In the Heights, but for whatever reason I wasn't able to do it at the time. But I wasn't really keyed into Broadway at the time. It was a big deal, but it wasn't part of my world. After that, I started looking into Lin's stuff and it wasn't too long after that. Help me out with the history here. Had you done the White House performance?

Miranda: That was 2009. We didn't meet until 2010 or '11 or so.

Here's hoping this isn't the last time we see the pair together.

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