Mad Catz Announce Monstrous $300 Transforming Controller

Lynx 9

Mad Catz have seriously put all their bets on Android devices being a strong avenue for 'serious gaming' in the future. The company released the M.O.J.O, an Android based micro-console in late 2013 and the company continue to push the possibilities of Android gaming each year.

Adding to that push, Mad Catz announced the L.Y.N.X 9 controller at CES 2015. What is a L.Y.N.X 9 controller you ask? Well, it's a monstrosity, really. The controller is made up of three parts, the main controller, grips and a keyboard. It's designed to adapt around all your android gaming needs as it's able to be used on bluetooth devices, as well as hold tablet and phones.

Yes, not only does this thing look like a Michael Bay Transformer. It quite literally is one.


The price for this shapeshifting beast? $300. I can't say I expect everyone to be using one in the near future.

This is obviously for hardcore Android players though. If you are one of those, it will be available in March.