Mass Effect: Andromeda To Sport "Ridiculously Cool" Weather Effects


So, by default of adoring the series, Mass Effect: Andromeda is probably the game I am most looking forward to, even though we don't know too much about it. There was of course that big info dump that leaked online and the newly released trailer at E3 but beyond that, we don't know anything officially.

While this is hardly going to set the world on fire, you may be interested to know that the game is going to sport some pretty sweet weather effects. Speaking on Twitter, Senior Development Director on the game Chris Wynn said:

On its own, this may not be the most substantial news of the year, but if you look at it in terms of what we know, it could give us some incite. We know the game is going to feature quite a big focus on planet exploration. Perhaps we will see diverse weather cycles with some real variety as you ho from the, likely, huge amount of planets. If that is the case, I'm very excited to see what the universe holds.