Mayoral Candidate Glenn Jacobs to Face Braun Strowman for Shot at WWE Universal Title

The most important question in politics right now — will Alabama elect an accused child molester to the Senate — won't be settled until tomorrow, but the second most important campaign feud may be settled tonight, and it's not between Doug Jones and Roy Moore. Knox County mayoral candidate Glenn Jacobs is set to face off against his longtime rival, Braun Strowman, on tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, and the winner will receive a championship opportunity against Brock Lesnar.

Though Strowman isn't technically involved in the Knox County mayoral race, Jacobs has been focusing most of his efforts on attacking the Monster Among Men for much of his campaign. Perhaps, we could speculate, Braun Strowman is a proponent of big government and high taxes, principles at the core of Jacobs' value system as a libertarian Republican endorsed by Senator Rand Paul.

Though the title match reward is new, fans already knew that Jacobs and Strowman would meet in the ring this week, as Jacobs announced his intentions to "descend into the abyss" with Strowman during a bizarre stump speech last week where Jacobs revealed to Knox County voters, "I delight in pain. I delight in horror." Jacobs made similarly worrying statements in front of a cheering crowd in November when he referred to himself as "sick and depraved" while reminiscing about the sound of a garbage truck crushing Strowman's body after an attack by Jacobs, which Jacobs described as "a true symphony of horrors."

If Jacobs defeats Strowman tonight, he could experience a major bump in the polls. However, a rivalry with Lesnar over the WWE Universal Championship could distract Jacobs even further from the issues most important to voters in Knox County, Tennessee.

Mayoral Candidate Glenn Jacobs to Face Braun Strowman for Shot at WWE Universal Title

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