New Oculus Rift Title Pneuma: Breath Of Life Lets You Play As A God

I'm ludicrously excited about the Oculus Rift. I've played with the virtual reality system several times and I am huge believer in what the technology could bring. Some people have said they expect the VR craze to crash like the 'motion control' fad, but if anything, I think that was a stepping stone to VR gaming.

One of the most interesting things that VR brings to the table is putting players in the shoes of on screen first person avatars. I always want to play as someone I'm not. For me, that is one of the universal truths of gaming.

In that vein, what would it be like playing as a god? This new title Pneuma, Breath of Life answers just that question. Via Destructoid, this looks like a gorgeous puzzle game with huge ideas. Think The Talos Principle mixed with HD graphics in virtual reality and you might be close.

Here is a great trailer showing off the game.


If you have no love for the idea of VR headsets, don't worry. The game is set to come to Xbox One on February 27th exclusively without VR support.

Regardless of the medium, I'm very into this idea and I can't wait to get involved in it as soon as possible.