PewDiePie Responds To News That He Makes 7.5 Million A Year

The other day, we learnt that PewDiePie makes a reported 7.5 million a year from his Let's Play business. This has set the internet alight with a lot of people bemoaning the fact that he gets paid so much to shout about video games on YouTube.

He has now responded with his own video, where he talks quite earnestly about the money he earns and how frankly, he doesn't think it is important. He doesn't overtly defend himself, but he also seems to understand the situation and a grounded head on his shoulders. Take a look:

I essentially don't care about the money PewDiePie makes. He's not for me, but he exists in a capitalist world where the market dictates value. I really don't get the sense that he does this for the money and his charity work is extensive too. Sure, you can be annoyed at his work, but coming after his money seems a tad silly.

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