Retro-Disney Attractions: The Black Pearl Has Docked At D23

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D23 is nothing if not a celebration of all things Disney, and regardless of your feelings about the never-ending Pirates of the Caribbean film series, the show just wouldn't be complete without some Pirates. And this one is a little bit of a celebration of retro-Disney, as The Curse of the Black Pearl released in theaters way back in 2003, making it over a decade old. And for a decrepit ghost ship, the Black Pearl still looks pretty good for her age, huh? We're actually shocked she even made it into port in her delicate condition.

The ship was spied on the D23 expo show floor by early entry attendees as part of what looks like a much larger Pirates showcase.

Pirates of the Caribbean has been a staple ride at Disney parks for years, with the original attraction opening at Disneyland, California in 1967. It was the last attraction overseen by Walt Disney before his death, in fact, Disney died just three months before Pirates of the Caribbean opened its doors. Predictably, the ride has a pretty special place in hearts of Disney fans everywhere. And much of that popularity is the reason why we have the lumbering colossus that is the Pirates monster franchise in the first place. The House Johnny Depp built has now seen five installments, including the most recent lackluster entry, Dead Men Tell No Tales in May of this year, which rated a 4/10 on the BC Reviews scale for being a "lazy, cynical, and boring cash in."

You can see some more of the Pirates showcase in the video below.

Not that the ride itself has escaped controversy, it recently came under fire for that "we wants the redhead" wench auction scene, which many people would politely refer to as "in bad taste." The auction has since been removed from the rides, which led to a fervor of negative fan reactions, because of course removing an out-dated sexist slave auction scene is just a lot of "overreacting."

Update: The Black Pearl and Pirate's Life exhibits are part of the larger Disney Archives section of the Expo. And includes a pirate band.

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