Uhh…Wanna Own Sharon Stone From Basic Instinct?

Well, this is not one I ever really thought about owning or placing on my shelf. Blitzway has come out of left-field and created a statue of Sharon Stone's Catherine Tramell from Basic Instinct. And it is from THAT scene (you know the one I am referring to, and this link is NSFW if you watch the video embedded on the page).

Here is the description:

She is tremendously mysterious and audacious, with an irresistibly sensual and glamorous beauty…boasting of sexual attraction. It is a pleasure to present Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct" through Blitzway's "Superb Scale Statues" (1/4 Scale) series. Her name truly represents the sexiest icon and movie star of American cinema.

In this project, they used the most impressive scene of the movie – "Catherine in the interrogation room" as inspiration. Blitzway wanted to convey the inner side of Catherine so they meticulously sculpted her facial expression as though she was boldly enjoying a psychological game. To complement her facial expression, they made her body express dignity, confidence and poise.

The costume is made of special fabric to express the unmistakable costume silhouettes and natural wrinkles, while a realistic chair from the decade and other accessories are used to complete the setting and atmosphere of the interrogation room.

Product Features

  • 12.60 inches (32cm)
  • Made of polystone
  • Showcases one of the most infamous scenes in movie history
  • The costume is made of special fabric
  • A new technique of head painting presents a realistic facial expression of Sharon Stone


Box Contents

  • Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) statue
  • Chair

This is one of the more iconic scenes in cinema history, and they nailed this thing. It looks spot-on, like they ripped it right off the screen. The question is: how many people are going to want to place this on their shelf at home? And at $430, this better be your favorite movie of all-time. The statue is huge and finely detailed, so it justifies the price, but this one is so niche that I can imagine it sticking around for a bit. Look for this to start showing up in February, and you can order it right now right here.

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