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Boss Fight Studio Debuts Saurozoic Warriors Night Lands Exclusive 
The long-neck dino Saurozoic Warriors known as Range Brakhion is now an exclusive figure through Big Bad Toy Store Welcome to the Night Lands, as this exclusive figure features a black deco with a skeletal design painted on his body This figure is badass, and it only continues my love for Boss Fight's Saurozoic Warriors[...]
Storm Collectibles Reveals BBTS Exclusive Golden Axe Axe Battle Set
Storm Collectibles has revealed that Big Bad Toy Store will be getting an exclusive figure set as the Axe Battler from Golden Ax arrives This legendary warrior comes riding in on his Red Dragon; the Ax Battler is ready to take on two Skeleton Army with two Skeleton Soldiers included The Golden Axe figure set[...]
Super Mario Bros. Joins 40th Anniversary of Eagle Force Figure Event
Fresh Monkey Fiction celebrates 40 years of Eagle Force as they team up with Big Bad Toy Store for a very impressive six-week pre-order event That is right, 20 new Eagle Force figures are on the way, and only possible if a minimum pre-order number of 500 is hit per figure giving these figures the[...]
Build a Skeleton Army With Boss Fight Studios Newest Figure Kits
Boss Fight Studio has also teamed up with Big Bad Toy Store two release two special variant colors of the Skeleton blank with Blood Red and Menacing Mist The fun does not end there either as Boss Fight also reveals their new Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S Character Builder Skeleton Kits. The Character Builder Skeleton Kit will come in[...]
Boss Fight Studio Reveals Two Exclusive H.A.C.K.S BBTS Figures
that is exclusive to Big Bad Toy Store Standing roughly 4" tall, B'an Ran Shi the Hobgoblin and General Bah-sak, the Red Knight, are ready for action Both figures are highly detailed, highly articulated, and come with accessories Both the Hobgoblin and Red Knight will come with a blister-card package, are limited edition, and can[...]
Mortal Kombat Welcomes Sektor with New Exclusive to BBTS
This time it looks like Sektor, which we have already covered will be getting an exclusive figure to Big Bad Toy Store This 1/12 scale figure is 7 inches tall, highly detailed, and articulated He does come with four hands, a smoke missile and smoke missile effect We will also be getting Sektor with his[...]
Scorpion Shows His True Face in BBTS Exclusive Figure
Big Bad Toy Store is showing off their love for Scorpion with the newest figure from Storm Collectibles This 1/12th scale action figure gives us our favorite fighter in all his glory He comes with his "get over here" hook and a battle-ax Scorpion also comes with four sets of interchangeable hands as well as[...]
Masters of the Universe Vintage Los Amos Super7 Exclusives Up For Order
If you were not able to pick these up at the con, big Bad Toy Store has all seven up for preorder right now Each Masters of the Universe figure costs $39.99, or you can order the whole bundle of seven for $249.99 Super7 has done a great job on these so far, and these[...]
Masters of the Universe Power Con Exclusives Collage
The preorders are being handled by Big Bad Toy Store Check out each of the four exclusives down below, and place an order for each right here. Wave 4 MOTU MUSCLE Slime Can Using the MUSCLE seen in the Keshi blind bag releases from Super7, this Slime Can collects from that assortment and presents them in the[...]