Social Justice Warriors Game Has You Fighting Internet Trolls

So I'm sure this will blow over with little to no controversy.

Social Justice Warriors has just been released on Steam, so now you can go be part of the depressing war that rages on on Twitter. The game has you play as one of a few fantasy classes in a quest to squash Internet trolls.

Here is a trailer.


Honestly, I've seen this game for a while and I hear it's actually pretty fun. It looks neat conceptually and it at least has some fun at ridiculing the whole SJW, White Knight, GamerGate, Anti-GamerGate, 'whatever-flavour-of-the-day-it-is' debates.

As someone who was embroiled in all this last night though, I'll give it a few days to shake off the fatigue.

Thanks to Destructoid for the heads up!