Sunset Overdrive Get's Robo-Themed DLC Rise Of The Dawn Of The Fallen Machines

I recently went back and played Sunset Overdrive to completion. I'll tell you what, that is a super fun video game. If you own an Xbox One, I think it's one of the must haves from last year.

The game is winding down now too, as the last DLC has been announced for the game. Rise of the Dawn Of The Fallen Machines lands today and it's all about new advanced Fizzco Robots. There will be new missions, guns and other add-ons incluced. It's available to those who have the Season Pass for free or $9.99 separately.

Here is a trailer:


Oh, and the game's overall price has been dropped to $40. Now, if you own an Xbox One, you really have little excuse for not picking it up. I'd be surprised if you regretted it.

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