The Fourteen Important Moments From Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD – S.O.S.

*** This articles contains spoilers for the recent episode of Agents Of SHIELD ***


There is going to be a few less familiar faces at the table reads after the Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD 2-part season finale. It's one thing to wrap up a few story lines… but this changed the whole show, again. They seem to like to do that at the end of the year. With it being a double episode I'm not sure how many important moments we'll have… might as well get started.

1) We start in the aftermath of Jiaying killing Robert Gonzalez and shooting herself. She has Gordon drop another Inhuman into a Quinjet and uses it to fire on the building where Gonzalez's body is. This destroys the evidence and makes SHIELD look even more guilty. Jiaying is trying to start a war and the Inhumans believe her. Luckily Phil Coulson is in charge of SHIELD and has them retreat to find out more instead of rushing in with guns blazing.

2) We get a brief but cool fight scene between Skye and Agent May. Skye is holding her own in the fight but May is the superior combatant… until Skye busts out the quake move and sends may flying. A symbolic apprentice beating the master moment, even if it's because she's an Inhuman now.

3) Away from all of that, Bobbi Morse has been kidnapped by Grant Ward and Agent 33. Ward is using some very painful looking torture techniques on Morse to try and get her to admit to betraying Agent 33 to Hydra. She gave up a safe house location to Hydra to prove her loyalty not knowing anyone would be there. So she is responsible for what happened to Agent 33, but not directly. Something she did for the good of the mission and would do again.

4) Jiaying is preparing a strike force of Inhumans for their next move, but confronts Raina who sees what Jiaying is really up to and has a vision that Skye will lead the Inhumans. Jiaying slits Raina's throat not knowing Skye was watching. All mother / daughter outings have no been cancelled. Skye is taken prisoner and inhibitors are put on her arms.

5) Alfonso "Mac" Mackenzie was leaving SHIELD and then all hell breaks loose. The Inhumans invade the ship and quickly take out everyone except Mac. Armed with a fire axe, Mac goes John McClain and frees Skye and starts trying to take the ship back. Meanwhile Jiaying kills a lot of the crew, using the crystals to get cooperation. She increases the strength of the distress signal to try and get all of SHIELD to respond to the S.O.S.

6) Meanwhile over at the secret base, Calvin Zabo has drank three vials of his serum and has a heart attack while being questioned. Jemma Simmons gives him a shot of adrenaline which was the ingredient missing, turning Cal into Mr. Hyde. He rampages around the base chasing Leo Fitz and Simmons until Coulson hits him with a car. He then convinces Zabo that Jiaying is the real monster and none of this is what Daisy would want. Coulson gets through to him, not only does he stop rampaging but he wants to help stop Jiaying.

7) After a failed escape attempt leaving both Ward and Agent 33 banged up, they decide since Morse doesn't care if she dies… they'd make her watch someone else die. So they turn on her phone which leads May, Lance Hunter and a strike team to their location. This plan… and it was kind of a lame one… didn't work out well as Bobbi dove in front of the bullet to save Hunter and May tricked Ward into killing Agent 33.

8) Skye and Mac get a message out that the ship is a trap. Coulson sends the rest of SHIELD away, only going in with his team. Mac is set up with his axe at the fan room trying to keep Gordon away from the crystals so he can't flood the ship with the Terrigen Mist. Skye is trying to stop Jiaying who has the other half of the crystals. Cal confronts Jiaying but is taken out of play by Gordon. Coulson and Fitz join Mac and Fitz traps Gordon in the room. May and Lincoln join Skye as she fights a "ginger ninja", a female Inhuman that can duplicate herself many times over.

9) The trapped Gordon keeps teleporting around the room fighting the three shield Agents. He finally ports into the wrong place, killing himself on a metal bar that Fitz is holding. As he dies, Gordon drops one of the crystals. Coulson dives for it, catching it before it hits the ground. But the crystal is laced with the metal from the diviner and causes Coulson to start to turn to ash. Mac thinks quickly and chops Coulson's arm off… yes you did just read that, Coulson lost his left hand/arm from below the elbow.

10) Skye confronts Jiaying on the deck of the ship. When it's obvious Skye is going to try and stop her, Jiaying starts to drain Skye of life. Not to give up easily, Skye breaks away and uses her powers to shoot the crystals and the Quinjet they're on overboard into the ocean. (this might be important) Jiaying goes back to trying to kill her daughter when Cal appears and kills Jiaying instead, not wanting Daisy to have to do it.

11) The warp up includes Bobbi starting to recover and telling Hunter she can't do this anymore… which was probably a set up for the spinoff series but that has been axed like Coulson's arm and the two will be back next season. Mac stays with SHIELD and is put in charge of the alien artifacts that he was so worried about. Skye stays and is put as part of a team of powered people that she is the only one so far. Agent May has decided to take time off and find herself. Coulson is looking into options for his missing hand. And Calvin Zabo has his mind wiped and given the life of a veterinarian.

12) As for Grant Ward, he seems to be a bit lonely and starts trying to put Hydra back together under his leadership.

13) Those crystals that went to the bottom of the ocean… they got broken open and mixed in with the sea life that is then captured and turned into fish oil. That should be fun to deal with next season.

14) And the oddest moment of all. Fitz finally gets up the nerve to ask Simmons out to dinner. In doing so he accidentally hits open the case to the big liquid / stone Kree artifact that the Inhumans were so worried about. He then leaves to prepare for dinner. Simmons notices the door is slightly open and goes to close when the stone liquefies, grabs Simmons, pulls her in and returns to stone with no sign of her left.

And that is how the season ends.

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