Vincent D'Onofrio Answers If He'll Be On Marvel's The Defenders

kingpingVincent D'Onofrio made quite an impression on viewers of Marvel's Daredevil. His turn as Wilson Fisk / Kingpin was a highlight of the popular series and his return in season two was both surprising and brilliant. So, of course, fans want to know if we'll be seeing Mr. Fisk return in the upcoming Marvel's The Defenders. While responding to fans on twitter, D'Onofrio came out very definitively about it.

That could not be a more emphatic answer. And with him starring as the Wizard in the upcoming NBC series Emerald City, the actor must be really busy. I mean, you couldn't draw anything more into that right? He said, "No chance". Unless you look at how the question was asked. "Any chance of you being on the Defenders?" That's not really asking if he will appear on the show exactly… it could be interpreted as asking if he'll be on the team during the show… and I very much doubt that Kingpin would join the Defenders as a teammate. So, he has an out there.

Now this is a much clear, more concise answer:

As for having Fisk show up in the films, D'Onofrio is doubtful of that happening.

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