Addams Family 2: Kellogg's Releases Limited Edition Cereals & More

Addams Family 2 comes out in theaters and On Demand this Friday, and if you are watching at home, Kellogg's has a bunch of new munchies for you to grab to enjoy while you watch. They have released special editions of Fruit Loops, Chocolate Frosted Flakes, and Apple Jacks featuring characters on the box and special monster-themed marshmallows in the cereal. They have also released some of their popular cereal bars with the spooky family on the boxes as well. You can even get trick-or-treat packages to pass out for Halloween. Check them out below.

Addams Family 2: Kellogg's Releases Limited Edition Cereals & More
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Addams Family 2 Products Are In Stores Now

"Ahead of the theatrical release of MGM's highly anticipated animated sequel "The Addams Family 2" on Oct. 1, Kellogg Company is teaming up with the iconic studio to bring fans a new way to experience their favorite macabre clan: breakfast. This July, the creepy, kooky, and mysteriously spooky Addams Family is joining the breakfast table and beyond with "The Addams Family 2"-inspired cereals and snacks and in-pack giveaways of the first animated Addams Family movie."

"The limited-edition spooky cereals — Kellogg's® Froot Loops®, Kellogg's® Chocolate Frosted Flakes™, and Kellogg's® Apple Jacks® — are each transformed for Halloween with marshmallow-shaped monsters, ghosts, and bats that intermingle with your favorite breakfast cereals. Plus, beloved Addams Family characters, including Wednesday, It, and Lurch, make a special box appearance alongside Toucan Sam®, Tony the Tiger®, and more. Along with Kellogg cereals, Kellogg's® Froot Loops® Jumbo Snax, Pop-Tarts® Frosted Spooky Chocolatey Fudge Bites, and Rice Krispies Treats® Original Big Bars are getting a Halloween transformation. Featuring "The Addams Family" characters and Toucan Sam strutting in festive costumes, all varieties are available in single-serving pouches or bars for trick-or-treaters."

Addams Family 2 is out this Friday in theaters and On Demand.

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