How The Wonder Woman Trailer Felt, From Inside Hall H

By Hilton Collins

On Saturday at San Diego Comic Con in the city's convention center, Warner Bros. unveiled the first trailer ever for its upcoming Wonder Woman film, which is scheduled for a summer 2017 release. The jaw-droppingly intense and energetic footage seems to indicate that Wonder Woman will finally get the sophisticated superhero action movie she deserves.

Here are three (of many) reasons why the Wonder Woman Comic-Con trailer absolutely slayed the audience in Hall H that day.

1.     Action!

I was one of the two people who actually liked Batman v. Superman in the theaters (okay, maybe there were about 10 of us), but one thing I didn't like about it was how there wasn't much action until basically the end of the film. The first two-thirds of it were slow at times, mainly because no one really fought until it was nearly over.

That's why I was pleased with the amount of action we saw in the Wonder Woman trailer. They emphasized the tactile energy and physical confrontations that a hands-on hero like the Amazon warrior would encounter. Whether it was her sister Amazons fighting soldiers on the shore, or her own confrontation with soldiers both inside and outside, it looks like the Wonder Woman film may indeed be making the smart decision to pepper multiple action scenes throughout the narrative. Steve Trevor also has some intense clips in the trailer, which is logical, since he's always been a soldier or a pilot in the comics, or both. Consequently, it appears that there may be enough action to go around, for the main character as well as her sidekicks, which will help make Wonder Woman a satisfying viewing experience.

2.  The Lasso looks cool

Wonder Woman's had her famed Golden Lasso of Truth since her 1940s comic book adventures, but it's never quite seemed that dynamic in live-action, until now. They use special effects to make it glow in the trailer, something it never did in the old Lynda Carter TV show from the 1970s, and Wonder Woman uses it in more dynamic ways. I haven't seen every episode of the old TV show, but I have seen many, and Wonder Woman used it to lasso bad guys and objects mostly, either to subdue them or get them to tell the truth. We don't see the lasso much in the trailer, but what little of it we get is pretty cool. She swings it as she spins in coordinated battle movements, and it seems like an organic tool to aid her in her fights—whileshe's fighting—to wrap around enemies' limbs to bind or disarm them in the field.

She uses it smoothly and fluidly, something we didn't get to see in the stilted fight choreography from Carter's show. And that dreadful TV pilot from a few years ago that starred Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Adrianne Palicki was even worse. When she played Wonder Woman, the lasso was styled like a whip, which was a strange and weird storyline choice. In the Wonder Woman trailer, Gal Gadot, the most recent Wonder Woman, seems to use her lasso in logical yet elegant ways. And because it's so spectacular looking I had to mention it again—IT GLOWS!!!

3.     Etta Candy's Back

Classic Wonder Woman ally Etta Candy appears at the trailer's end, seemingly being positioned as a key supporting character, which is a nice change of pace. Etta Candy was a prominent Wonder Woman friend in the classic comics, but for some reason Candy fell out of favor with DC writers and editors and faded into obscurity over the decades. Yet bringing her to foreground in a potential Hollywood blockbuster seems to suggest that pop culture is going to find out much more about Etta Candy, very soon.

Candy's not essential to Wonder Woman storylines, at least not in the way that Lois Lane is to Superman stories, but she still matters. Diana has many Amazon friends in her home world, but Candy was the regular human woman who bonded with Wonder Woman to become one of her closest friends. Candy has value in the Wonder Woman movie because she can show the audience how modern women would perceive a character who's basically a demigoddess.

 So there you have it, three main reasons why people should be excited about the Wonder Woman trailer. Do you agree or disagree with my points? And if so, why?

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