Ryan Reynolds Uses Rick Moranis To Sell Mint Mobile, Or Does He?

I am a British person so I do not know what Mint mobile is. Indeed, this is the first time I have ever heard of it. It turns out it may be a mobile phone company  or what you Americans call a cell phone service provider or some such. And it is one that Ryan Reynolds bought because, why not? Okay, so what does Wikipedia tell me?

Apparently in August 2016, Ultra Mobile launched Mint Mobile, formerly Mint SIM, an online-only Mobile Virtual Network Operator  (MVNO) specializing in prepaid mobile plans on the T-Mobile cellular network, which provides discounted pricing based on monthly, quarterly, or yearly terms paid in advance. In October 2019, Mint Mobile started operating as their own company to serve customers as Mint Mobile LLC, which is separate from Ultra Mobile. On November 25, 2019, it was announced that actor Ryan Reynolds had purchased an ownership stake in Mint Mobile.

Okay I'm up to speed. And now apparently they are offering an unlimited plan for $30 a month. Which is… what, £23? £24? That seems pretty pricey from over here. Especially since you have to pay sales tax on top of that. Their small print says that customers using 35GB a month will experience slower speeds, and that videos stream at 480p. My own mobile service Giffgaff a0t a lower price has speed restrictions apply after 80 GB of data and only from 8am to Midnight. And only HD video streaming, will be slower. Also, right now, aren't people using home wifi a lot more? Does it cost a mint? Is that it?

Ryan Reynolds Uses Rick Moranis To Sell Mint Mobile, Or Does He?
Ryan Reynolds Uses Rick Moranis To Sell Mint Mobile, Or Does He?

Anyway Ryan Reynolds is doing all the ads for Mint Mobile only goes so far when he can get Rick Moranis along for what appear to be very spurious reasons. But to be fair I have cast and directed advertisement for pretty much the same thing in my time.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Rick Moranis is trending right now. Though not Ryan Reynolds or Mint Mobile. For spurious celebrity use, I confess to preferring the British IKEA ad that used a popular, now dead, TV presenter that everyone in their forties to sixties probably remembers fondly…

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