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REmake/REmodel Captain Future
New picks for the recent Remake/Remodel. Instructions as follows: CAPTAIN FUTURE. This from JESS NEVINS’ Pulp Encyclopaedia: "Captain Future's adventures
Remake/Remodel: Namor The Sub Mariner
Si Spurrier’s instructions: We’re going to do something a bit different here. Rather than taking an idea or golden-age character and reinventing them as a
Remake/Remodel: Lorna Drake
Si Spurrier (who has a new comic out today, The X-Club #1 from Marvel) gave his Remake/Remodel instructions out last week: LORNA DRAKE Bunty was a British
Remake/Remodel: Fantomah
Si Spurrier writes; This episode’s crop of Remake/Remodel favourites. Instructions went as follows: “Fantomah is a mysterious godlike being who protects
Remake/Remodel: Six Gun Gorilla
Si Spurrier’s instructions: Six-Gun Gorilla was the star of several short Wild West stories in Wizard during the late 30’s. Let’s hear from that
Whitechapel Challenge: Spurt Hammond
The “Remake/Remodel” challenge, founded by Warren Ellis, gives artists of all abilities the opportunity to show-off what they can do in the midst of the
Short 'n Curlies #51 by Si Spurrier
BrainFart: I know I've reached middle-age because I've just bought six bottles of wine and don't intend to drink any of them, because they look better in