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$4.99 Vs. $3.99 Vs. $2.99 At Marvel In December
Some are those are for overlong stories such as Secret Wars #9 and Totally Awesome Hulk #1 and an Annual of two. But some are the standard size comic with a back-up strip included, such as Guardians Of Infinity, and Howard The Duck. Everything else is $3.99, aside from some titles aimed at the younger kids, which maintain[...]
DC Comics Move To $4.99 On The Newsstand
DC Comics still has a large number of comic store price points of $2.99 and a rise to $4.99 for Batman was recently dropped in the light of complaints from its creative team. In comic stores at least As this a one-off, a trial, a different model or the shape of things to come? Photos taken[...]
Half Of The June DC Mini-Relaunch Titles Will Still Be $2.99
Jim Lee during the DC retailer meeting at Burbank, yesterday. There has been some concern regarding the eventual creep of the $3.99 comic book, with Marvel currently only having one remaining $2.99 Marvel Universe title. With all the Convergence titles moving to $3.99 for April and May, it was assumed by some that this would be it,[...]
In October 2014, The Average Price Of A Top Ten Comic Book Is $4.50
And that's even with the bestseller, The Walking Dead selling $2.99. That's four at $4.99, one at $2.99, one at $5.99 and four at $3.99. In comparison, the average price of a top ten comic in October 2004 was $2.69, A 66% increase in price in ten years. In that time, the USA has experienced only 26% inflation[...]
DC Comics Holding The Line At…$3.99 Newsstand?
It is a $2.99 comic book in comic stores and the readers are grateful for that. But on the newsstand as these photos demonstrate, it is instead a $3.99 comic. This appears to be the same trick Marvel played with their newsstand comics, making them all $3.99 even when they were $2.99 instore – before withdrawing them[...]
Hawkeye #22 Jumps To $4.99 For Final Issue – Maybe It's Made Of Gold?
The word has come down that his final issue with David Aja is jumping from the original $2.99 price point of the series, past its current $3.99 to a whopping $4.99. Well, "El Dorado" does mean the golden one And it didn't do last week's Superior Spider-Man any harm, did it? But I'd expect quite a lot of[...]
The Perils Of Keeping A Comic Priced At $2.99
The simple answer is because it keeps them in business and allows them to put out books at a $2.99 cover price It's not just Zenescope though, publisher like Valiant, Boom, IDW and Dynamite use variant covers all the time. The truth is that retailers order more copies of a book when there are multiple covers[...]
The Death Of Wolverine #2, #3 And #4 Join The $4.99 Creep
But the price? Bleeding Cool has been told that the prices of issues 2 to 4 will join issue 1 in the $4.99 stakes. As DC Comics sees more and more titles slip from $2.99 to $3.99, and Marvel makes a $2.99 price point the exception rather than the rule, we are also seeing more and[...]