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The Wheel of Time (Image: Tor Books)
But most of all? Pike wanted the fans to know just how much everyone associated with the series is 'so happy to be back." On Wednesday, the production and streaming service offered fans a unique "gift" for their patience, understanding, and support: an audio preview of the series. The Wheel of Time got an audio preview[...]
Logitech G Reveals Personalized Spatial Audio Partnership With Embody
Logitech G announced this week they're looking to bring you closer to in-game audio with a brand new partnership with Embody The company has set up over a dozen of their gaming headsets to be paired with the personalized spatial audio that Embody provides They're offering a two-week trial to test it out with subscriptions[...]
Musical Light Show: We Review Logitech's G560 Lightsync Speakers
But how well does this system compare to whatever you may have hooked up to your tower now? We plugged them in and gave the system a shot with everything we had. credit//Logitech First off, this is probably one of the simplest sets of speakers Logitech has on the higher end of their audio systems, as this is just[...]
Can You Hear Me Fighting? We Review The Logitech Z906 Speaker System
You'll need to set up your system the way you want it through a combination of hooking up the proper speakers and setting your audio the way you want it beforehand Every speaker is wired into the subwoofer through traditional wires while the woofer itself is connected to your PC through the specific color audio[...]
Gaming Audio On A Budget As We Review The LucidSound LS20 Headset
The LS20 is also a chargeable headset, which runs off a mini-USB and gives you 20 hours of audio, that way you're not running solely on your device, controller, or PC's power. credit//LucidSound The best feature on the LS20 by far is the volume control, which is built into the headphones The right side has a push-button[...]
What Else Is Greg Weisman Up To?
"Aren't we tired of big corporations controlling our favorite characters' destinies – and especially tired of them preventing us from telling more stories with those characters?  So I set out to create something that was ours, something we controlled." Weisman's taken the first book in the series, Rain Of The Ghosts and is in the process[...]
The Joe Shuster Awards 2014 – Full Audio
The wonderful Jamie Colville attended the 10th Annual Joe Shuster Awards held in Toronto on Saturday August 20th. Nicknamed the Human Recorder, he provided full audio of the event below… [audio:] Presented at the Back Space Toronto, 587A College Street, Toronto, Ontario. The awards start off with a video of Stan Lee who congratulating a 2007 Joe Shuster Awards[...]
How To Make Mike Norton Uncomfortable – Audio Of His SDCC Spotlight Panel
His work in includes Revival, published through Image Comics and written by Tim Seeley, Battlepug, his Eisner Award winning web comic, and some soft-core porn comics in his early days. Norton had a spotlight panel at Comic Con this year instead of writing about it I decided to place the audio online for your listening[...]
Sixteen San Diego Comic Con Panels In Full Audio
Thank you Jamie Colville and your amazing mutant powers of recording combined with HTML mastery and photography! Sixteen San Diego Comic Con panels, recorded with audio I even appear to be on a couple of them, but don't let that put you off… How to Get News Coverage (53:51, 49.3mb) Moderated by Rik Offenberger, a bunch of[...]
Fifteen San Diego Comic Con Panels And The Eisners In Audio…
Thanks to Jamie Colville and his mighty recording devices, we have fifteen panels from the San Diego Comic Con in audio, as well as the Eisner Awards It's just like being there if you close you eyes And queue up at the computer for an hour And have a large bag digging into your shoulder. Maggie[...]