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Games Done Quick Founder Announces Departure
Over the past week, Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 has been happening online, and last night the event closed, having raised $2.6m In what will probably be founder Mike Uyama's last event for a while, the organization spent the past week playing retro games featuring hundreds of speedrunners doing their best to entertain you while[...]
Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Online Raises $3.4M
Games Done Quick revealed this week that they are officially bringing back Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 this January It looks like the team will be forgoing holding the event in Florida again, and instead, will be holding AGDQ 2023 as an online-only event from January 8th-15th This event will be held in support of[...]
Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Online Releases Its Game Schedule
GDQ has released the full schedule for Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Online, showing off all the games that will be played AGDQ 2022 Online will be held from January 9th-16th, 2022, with all of the games broadcast on Twitch as they continue to plan around the pandemic This year all of the funds will[...]
Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 Announces Online Schedule
Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 revealed that they managed to raise over $2.75 Million during their 8-day online charity stream In case you happen to be unfamiliar with this event, from January 3rd-10th, hundreds of gamers got together to play several old-school titles as quickly as they could in bizarre speedrunning fashion with the goal[...]
Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 Announces Online Schedule
The filks behind Games Done Quick have officially released their schedule for the next event, Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 Much as the previous event was handled, due to the ongoing pandemic and the fact that the United States can't be bothered to get a grip on things, the entire event will be taking place[...]
Games Done Quick Releases The AGDQ 2020 List
At the end of Summer Games Done Quick, which took place last month as an online-only event after a couple months of plans changing here and there, the organization revealed that Awesome Games Done Quick would be returning in 2021 from January 3rd-10th The massive video game speedrunning event has become a bi-yearly must-watch as[...]
Games Done Quick Releases The AGDQ 2020 List
Awesome Games Done Quick just came to a close, and as they put another winter event behind them, they closed out the night in style! The event closed just a few minutes ago with a total of $3,131,475 That beats the previous record set during Summer Games Done Quick 2019, which was $3,039,596, making this[...]
Did Mike Tyson Just Leak a New Nintendo Punch-Out Game?
So how do you make an impression on retro gamers and the speedrunning communities when you've already beaten the game several times over in difficult ways? Credit: Nintendo They found a way… Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 is currently underway, and the two men paired up for a special run They decided to play Mike Tyson's Punch-Out[...]
Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 Kicks Off Sunday
This Sunday, January 5th, the folks over at Games Done Quick will be kicking off Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 live from Orlando If you're not familiar with this event, this is an eight-day marathon with gamers from across the globe pop in to play some of the most famous video games as quickly as[...]
Games Done Quick Releases The AGDQ 2020 List
But the one that caught everyone's eye was the Destiny 2 Raid Speedrun, which you know, bless the people trying to accomplish that hellacious run. Credit: GDQ Awesome Games Done Quick will be broadcast live on Twitch from January 5th-12th in Orlando, Florida At the moment, the group hasn't posted info on what charity they will be[...]
Games Done Quick Raises Over $2.3 Million for Charity
After all was said and done this time around during their Awesome Games Done Quick event, the organization raised over $2.3 million this year, all of which will go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.  The grand total for #AGDQ2019: $2,394,668. Thank you to everyone for supporting this event We honestly couldn't have done it without you. — Games Done Quick[...]
Awesome Games Done Quick logo
Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 (AGDQ) is a week-long speedrunning challenge and fundraiser This year's AGDQ has come to the finish line with a total of $2,263,508 USD raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Donations are still coming in, but so far this year's Awesome Games Done Quick has beaten last year's donations by over $40,000 These[...]
Awesome Games Done Quick Earns $1.3 Million For Charity
I talked previously this week about the Awesome Games Done Quick Twitch drive, when KevinDDR displayed a bit of  mind boggling Tetris mastery In honesty though, there could have been a ton of things I covered as game sprinters spent an entire week speed running a ton of classic games. The drive ended yesterday and after all[...]
Watch A Man Play Tetris Faster Than You Can Follow It
I've been meaning to give the Awesome Games Done Quick event a little bit of coverage since it started and now seems as good a time as any The event, which is live on Twitch 24 hours a day all this week, is being done to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation charity. The tenets[...]