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“Doctor Who”: BBC Releases Video of Modern Companions’ First Moments [Video]

"Doctor Who": BBC Looks Backs on Our Modern Companions' First Moments [VIDEO]

I was wondering what this weekend's long Doctor Who archival recap video would be. Without any new episodes this year, the BBC is trying to keep fans hyped up with retrospect videos and clips. This time, it's a half-hour compilation of the modern era companions' first moments. By "modern era", I mean the current version […]

Rose Joins The Tenth Doctor | The Christmas Invasion | Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Giving Chris Chibnall the Benefit of All the Holiday Doubts

In the short time since Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch) assumed the role of show runner for Doctor Who, he has taken pride in shaking things up. In addition to a new Doctor (Jodie Whittaker, Broadchurch) who has a new outlook on life, there is new theme music, a new TARDIS (inside and out), and new companions who the Doctor […]

Love Actually Sequel Airs Tonight On BBC 1 For Red Nose Day (VIDEOS)

Tonight, BBC 1 shows a new ten minute sequel to the Love Actually movie for Comic Relief's charity telethon, Red Nose Day, called Red Nose Day Actually with Hugh Grant, Liam Nielson, Colin Firth, Kiera Knightley, Bill Nighy, Andrew Lincoln, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Martine McCutcheon, Rowan Atkinson and more. They will also be joined […]

David Tennant And Catherine Tate Return To Doctor Who In 2016

With rumours abounding that the only Doctor Who we'll get in 2016 will be its Christmas Special (complete with regeneration), here's something to fill the gap… David Tennant is returning as the Tenth Doctor alongside Catherine Tate as his companion Donna Noble in three new Doctor Who episodes, made on audio for Big Finish. The series […]

Kate Atherton Reviews Gulliver's Travels

Kate Atherton writes for Bleeding Cool: I went in to Gulliver's Travels with few expectations and those I had weren't high. One of my favourite novels since I was a little kid (it was even the subject of my thesis at University), I had some doubts about what Jack Black, aka Hollywood, would do to […]

Black, Blunt, Connolly, Corden And Letterman Tell Us About Gulliver's Travels

Kate Atherton writes for Bleeding Cool: When four of the cast of Gulliver's Travels (Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Billy Connolly and James Corden) gathered together to meet the press in London this December, it became clear what a job director Rob Letterman must have had on his hands, just to keep these guys under control. […]

More Gulliver's Travels Footage In New International Trailer – UPDATE

UPDATE: The Danish version of the trailer is in English, so here it is. ORIGINAL STORY: Here's a new trailer with plenty of new footage from Gulliver's Travels but, just so you know, I have to tell you that it's been dubbed into Spanish. If yon't don't speak the language, just look at the pictures […]

The Full Trailer For Gulliver's Travels Has Chris O'Dowd In A Steampunk Mech

Yes, the full trailer for Gulliver's Travels has Chris O'Down in a steampunk mech… but there's also a lot of other things that aren't nearly as interesting. Clearly written after Jack Black was attached, it looks this version of Gulliver's Travels will take only a tiny sample of Swift's narrative and even less of his […]