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The Three-Body Problem Ep 30 Review Part 2: The End of the Beginning
They hadn't been greenlit for a second season yet when they shot it, so they could only tease the character. And that's it for The Three-Body Problem, a milestone for being the first major Chinese Science Fiction television series that's a serious prestigious drama It's notable for being the most faithful adaptation of a book anywhere[...]
The Three-Body Problem Ep13 Review: Science Grandma Begins
It's an adaptation of one of the most ambitious Science Fiction books of the century, it put Chinese Science Fiction on the map, and it shows that major culture isn't just created by Hollywood or Netflix. Episode thirteen of The Three-Body Problem is unlocked for free streaming, so time to recap and review Yes, the[...]
Three-Body Problem Episode One is Slick but Conventional
The reason is The Three-Body Problem is a milestone in several ways: Liu Cixin's book is the most significant Science Fiction novel since Frank Herbert's Dune that, put Chinese Science Fiction on the world map, and the TV series is the first major Science Fiction television series to come from China That makes it worth[...]