'Young Justice: Outsiders' s3e6 "Rescue Op": No One Listens to Dick [SPOILER RECAP]

Welcome back to Bleeding Cool's weekly recap of DC Universe's Young Justice: Outsiders, as we jump right in with our look at the season's sixth episode, 'Rescue Op': Al-Qawiya. August 5. Jaqqar Marlo spills out of a back-alley nightclub, playing the AR game that everyone is playing using the Goode VR goggles. He is confronted by Black Spider, […]

Bleeding Cool Talks To Jimmy Palmiotti And Amanda Conner – The Extra Cuts

In the most recent issue of Bleeding Cool Magazine, I interviewed Jimmy Palmotti and Amanda Conner about their current work. Thousands of words later, we ran out of room as we butted up to Alan Moore talking about Providence. So here are a few choice cuts of what didn't end up in the magazine… Rich […]