'Young Justice: Outsiders' Recap – "Nightmare Monkeys": Gar Goes Goggling [SPOILERS]

Welcome back to Bleeding Cool's recap of this week's final four new episodes of the first half of DC Universe's  Young Justice: Outsiders (set to return June 2019) as we take a look at the season's twelfth episode, "Nightmare Monkeys".

Happy Harbor. October 15, 19:21 EDT

'Young Justice: Outsiders' Recap – "Nightmare Monkeys": Gar Goes Goggling  [SPOILERS]
DC Universe

The team – along with Jeff and Jace – gather to meet Vic. Forager tells of how Violet created a boom tube and retrieved Vic. Violet says she doesn't know how she did it, but it felt natural. Conner connects the pieces together; the motherbox he saw dissected in Bedlam's lab must have died and its soul taken up residence in Gabrielle's corpse. The trauma wiped both Gabrielle and the motherbox's minds, creating a new person: Violet, with the powers of a motherbox in the body of a teenaged girl.

Violet has never healed anyone else before. She says that it wasn't healing as much as it was just adjusting Vic's internal technology. Vic says he doesn't care about motherboxes or fatherboxes – which Conner picks up on that no one has mentioned fatherboxes – when New Genesphere comes over to scan Vic. The fatherbox feels threatened, taking control from Vic until Violet can give him the ol' purple to the face again.

Even though they just had a free day together not two episodes ago, Conner and M'gann are whining again about how they haven't had any alone time together since Conner went to Markovia with Dick – thus beginning the seemingly endless parade of freak through their house.

Beverly Hills

'Young Justice: Outsiders' Recap – "Nightmare Monkeys": Gar Goes Goggling  [SPOILERS]
DC Universe

Gar meets Gretchen Goode on his way off the set of his sci-fi television series. Gar didn't realize that Granny had a hand in his casting on the series. Granny says that everything that happens in her business is directly under her control. Gar gives his stepfather a chilly reception, saying that he has plans to go out with Perdita that evening.

Perdita is still getting dressed, so Gar kills some time by checking out the Goode Goggles that just arrived for Perdita. Gar queues up a game based on his TV series as the goggles give him a quick poke in order to test for the meta-gene. Detecting the meta-gene, the goggles attempt to brainwash Gar and get him to go to a specific location on a map, but a mischievous green monkey digitally appears in the goggles, causing an error and telling Gar to "Run Now!"

Perdita gets the goggles off Gar, but he's still zoned out and collapses. Perdita calls 9-1-1 and M'Gann for help.

'Young Justice: Outsiders' Recap – "Nightmare Monkeys": Gar Goes Goggling  [SPOILERS]
DC Universe

Trapped in his own mind, Gar relives the deaths of his friends and family. First, he sees a number of heroes, including Wally, as crew on the deck of the spacecraft on his TV show. As they're all taken out, the monkey reappears and changes the channel. Next, Gar is on the set of 'Doom Patrol Go!'–yes, it's a Doom Patrol themed series in the style of Teen Titans Go! – complete with the same voice cast – where we learn that Gar lost his godmother Rita when she and the rest of the team were killed on a mission. Only his step-father-maybe-sorta Mento ran from the danger and asserting quasi-parental rights over Gar, bringing him to Hollywood and exploiting his celebrity for wealth.

The monkey changes the channel again, and this time Gar finds himself in an episode of 'Hello, Megan' starring his mother, Rita, and Gar's current co-star Paul. Gar is unable to stop the younger version of his mother from going with Queen Bee. The monkey changes the channel and Gar witnesses his mother's  death in a motor vehicle accident. Unable to take any more, Gar asks the monkey to turn it off.

Young Justice Outsiders s3e12

In the darkness, the money tells Gar that he chose Gar to be the Beast Boy. Gar thought his abilities came from the blood transfusion he received from M'gann. The monkey says that helped, but the mystical, magical monkey god chose Gar, which is why he can only turn into animals – but it was Gar who chose to be a hero… it was Gar who chose to leave being a hero behind and go to Hollywood. Now, it's Gar's choice whether to check out or continue on.

M'gann arrives and enters Gar's mind. Gar says that he used Hollywood as a distraction, to avoid dealing with the pain of having lost so many people in his life. He doesn't need M'gann's help to decide what to do or return to the real world. He already knows. Waking up, Gar tells Conner and M'gann that Granny is in control of everything her businesses pump out – including the goggles. Granny's definitely one of the bad guys.

With only one episode to go before the midseason break, join us as we take a look at "True Heroes."

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