Final Order Cut-Off Covers

Final Order Cut-Off Covers for Undiscovered Country, Buffy and Vampirella

Publishers like to reveal the existence of new variant covers to upcoming comic books the week that retailers have to make their Final Orders as a way to goose those numbers up a tad, the last chance for retailers to do so before publication. And this week we have examples from Image, Boom and Dynamite, […]

Marvel Comics New York Comic-Con 2019 Exclusive Variant Covers

Marvel Comics New York Comic-Con 2019 Exclusive Variant Covers

Available at New York Comic-Con from Marvel Comics and Diamond Previews, on sale from retailers at the show, will be these exclusive covers. Including the Mike Deodato cover for Marvel Comics #1001 featuring the Masked Rider, to get his own series in 2020. All retailers can order these – but retailers attending the show will […]

Daredevil Gunned Down by Police on Daredevil #3 Cover?

Daredevil is dead! Kinda sorta. But he's coming back this February, courtesy of Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto in a brand new series sure to get those sales spiking. Daredevil #1 and 2 hit stores in February and Daredevil #3 in March, but though all three have been solicited, we've only seen Julian Totino Tedesco's cover for […]

DC Pulls Heroes in Crisis Poison Ivy Death Cover at Tom King's Request

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool revealed the cover for Heroes in Crisis #7, which featured the corpse of Poison Ivy, who died while writing what appeared to be the Flash symbol in her own blood. The cover seemingly confirmed Ivy's rumored death in the series, and may have implied that Wally West was the killer. Naturally, […]

Valiant Goes Viral With Quantum and Woody Meme Variants For Retailers

Never a slouch in the promotional department, Valiant has been outdoing even themselves with a slew of tongue-in-cheek gimmicks in service of the publisher's forthcoming Quantum and Woody! series from writer Daniel Kibblesmith and artist Kano. So far, we've seen "Extreme Ultra-Foil" shelf covers swiped from Jim Lee's WildCATS #2; "The Most Variant Cover of […]

DC Comics Variant Covers In August – From Jim Lee To Frank Cho To Mike Grell

A few upcoming DC Comics covers for August shipping titles. As ever, you may have seen some of them. You won't have seen most of them… Dark Nights: Metal #1 variant covers, by Jim Lee and Andy Kubert. With the variant cover by John Romita Jr coming soon. Deathstroke #22 by Shane Davis and Michelle Delecki. […]

DC Comics And Marvel Exclusives – And More – From ComicsPRO 2017…

Thanks to the joy of eBay, and some fast fingered retailers, we can see some of the ComicsPRO retailer exclusive items given away by Marvel and DC Comics – and others… So a Jim Lee sketch version of his Kate Moss Calvin Klein swiped cover to The Wild Storm #1 and a Bawoman Rebirth #1 […]

16 Mighty Men Of Marvel Comics Variant Covers That Never Were?

Back at C2E2, Marvel Comics got plenty of press for announcing a line of variant covers for July, the Mighty Men Of Marvel, a tongue in cheek attempt to make up for some of the cheesecake over the years. Except… despite announcing the covers and which issues they would be variants for, the line never […]

Frank Cho Recycled Wonder Woman #7 And #8 Covers Into Skybourne Covers

So, we all know that Frank Cho walked off Wonder Woman's variant covers after guarantees that writer Greg Rucka with whom Cho has shared a fractious relationship it seems, would not interfere with them were broken. You can see his fifth and sixth final covers below. But he had sketches plans for future covers that were […]

The First Of Bill Sienkiewicz's Harley Quinn Variant Covers

Bill Sienkiewicz is going to have a variant cover for every issue of the Rebirthed Harley Quinn.  Well, here's the first. Oh and here's Tim Sale's variant cover for Batman #4 while we're at it…. And Superman #4's variant cover by Kenneth Rocafort.  

All The Retailer Exclusive Variant Covers For Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink #1

Here you go folks, all the retailer exclusive variant covers for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink #1 – and where you can find them! The Comic Bug Siya Oum AWBC (Fried Pie) Paulina Ganucheau AWBC (Fried Pie Con) Hunter Clark Collector's Paradise Megan Hutchinson Ultimate Comics Janice Chu Newbury Comics Sara Kipin Dimension X Comics […]