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Doctor Strange Volume 4 #11 Variant Cover
Doctor Strange Volume 2 #60, "Assault on Avengers Mansion" Doctor Strange Volume 2 #60 Cover Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch had met before Doctor Strange Volume 2 #60 in 1983, but this story informs so much of their relationship and really the foundations of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness that it is a must-read[...]
Darkhold Omega The... Unkown?
Darkhold time! There's nothing Bleeding Cool likes more than a typo We provide sanctuary for them, shelter, warmth, and compassion Without even trying, the odds are that this very article contains several It's part of our charm – or at least that's what I say to Bleeding Cool editor-in-chief Kaitlyn Booth when she rakes me[...]
Major Plothole Between Darkhold And Trail Of Magneto?
Marvel's Darkhold comic book event series was delayed rather, courtesy of a pandemic Originally planned to be published alongside the TV series Wandavision, it saw Scarlet Witch dealing with the magical side of her powers, specifically those tied to the Darkhold grimoire, and saw a number of Marvel characters infected with demonic overspill When it[...]
Cover image for The Darkhold: Omega #1
If fans can take anything away from the Darkhold event after Darkhold: Omega #1, it's this: never read a book without pictures Check out the preview below. The Darkhold: Omega #1 by Steve Orlando & Cian Tormey, cover by Chris Bachalo THE FATE OF ALL EXISTENCE LIES IN THE HANDS OF FIVE TWISTED MINDS! Five of the world's[...]
Cover image for Darkhold: Spider-Man #1
A zombie plague has overtaken New York in this preview of Darkhold: Spider-Man #1 But on the bright side, Peter and Gwen Stacy are married! Check out the preview below. Darkhold: Spider-Man #1 MARVEL COMICS OCT210859 OCT210861 – DARKHOLD SPIDER-MAN #1 CASANOVAS CONNECTING VAR – $3.99 (W) Alex Paknadel (A) Diogenes Neves (CA) James Harren THE SPIDER TRAPPED IN A WEB[...]
Cover image for Darkhold: Wasp #1
What did you click on, Steve?! What did you do?! Anyway, the show must go on, amirite? The Wasp is the latest to get a Darkhold one-shot in Darkhold: Wasp #1, in stores on Wednesday from Marvel In the preview, as Kang battles the Avengers, he becomes besotted with the titular Wasp, who reminds of[...]
Cover image for DARKHOLD BLADE #1
Next up in the lineup is Darkhold Blade #1, in which the titular vampire hunter finds himself in a brand new rule: lord of all vampires?! That's not the Blade we know and… oh, of course He read the Darkhold! God damn it, Blade! You ought to know better than that! Check out the preview[...]
Cover image for DARKHOLD IRON MAN #1
Darkhold Iron Man #1 is in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics, introducing a body horror version of ol' shellhead And just in time too, with The Immortal Hulk ending this week as well Any chance of turning this one-shot into an ongoing series? Check out a preview of Darkhold Iron Man #1 below. DARKHOLD IRON[...]
Jordie Bellaire Comes To Marvel Comics For Darkhold
The delayed-for-18-months Darkhold series, that would really have been a better thing if it could have come out during Wandavision, has revealed a couple more one-shots. As five heroes, Iron Man, Blade, Wasp, Black Bolt, and Spider-Man, will be recruited by Scarlet Witch to travel to Chthon's dimension to stop him before he can invade Earth[...]
Ryan North & Guillermo Sanna Create a Darkhold Body-Horror Iron Man
Ryan North and Guillermo Sanna are creating a Darkhold one-shot for Iron Man in October, one over five one-shots bookended by a Darkhold Alpha and Omega Delayed for over a year, it's now set in an earlier continuity than the rest of the Marvel Universe While the book leads with Doctor Doom and the Scarlet[...]
Marvel Confirms: Darkhold Is Ha
We said Darkhold was coming We got the word that it would definitely be this year And now Marvel Comics has dropped the PR, over a year after it was originally scheduled, and long after the TV series WandaVision it would have tied into, Marvel is going to publish the Darkhold event… The wait is over![...]
Odds and Sods
Marvel Comics originally planned an event to begin in June 2020, with Darkhold Alpha #1 by Steve Orlando and Clan Tormey.  Well, then someone read the actual Darkhold in real life, or at least it feels that way, as the world basically fell over.  Originally the collection featuring Doctor Doom on the cover would have been published last December, just[...]
Darkhold Alpha
Marvel Comics originally planned an event to begin in June 2020, with Darkhold Alpha #1 by Steve Orlando and Clan Tormey The solicitation read "ENTER THE PAGES OF THE DARKHOLD… IF YOU DARE! Critically acclaimed writer Steve Orlando (Martian Manhunter, Batman, Wonder Woman) makes his Marvel debut with a story that will delight and terrify! For hundreds of years, scholars[...]
Darkhold First Appearance, Marvel Spotlight #4 Sells For $500 On eBay
Marvel Spotlight #4 featured the third appearance of Werewolf-By-Night back in 1972, created by Gerry Conway and Mike Ploog, but also the first appearance of the Marvel Comics grimoire book of the dead, Darkhold Marvel Comics increasing the prominence of the Darkhold in recent years It has seen an appearance in the Agents Of SHIELD[...]
Odds and Sods
Marvel Comics originally planned a Darkhold event to begin in June 2020, with Darkhold Alpha #1 by Steve Orlando and Clan Tormey The solicitation read: When Marvel Comics Were Publishing a Scarlet Witch Event, Darkhold, ENTER THE PAGES OF THE DARKHOLD… IF YOU DARE! Critically acclaimed writer Steve Orlando (Martian Manhunter, Batman, Wonder Woman) makes his Marvel[...]