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"The Hunger": A Feast for the Eyes, Not Much for the Brain (Neon Cinema)

in 1983, Tony Scott whipped up a delectable dish of a vampire flick in The Hunger, which he dropped onto the plates of hungry horror fans everywhere. The movie brought a bold new twist on the tired old vampire mythos of the time— The Hunger was new-wave sexy, eclectic, and oddly original. It was also incredibly […]

David Bowie Approves of New Guardians of the Galaxy Ship Name From Beyond Grave

David Bowie Approves of New Guardians of the Galaxy Ship Name From Beyond Grave

Legendary rocker David Bowie gave a posthumous thumbs up to global entertainment superstar Donny Cates, sometimes known as "The David Bowie of Comics," for Cates' decision to name the new ship belonging to the Guardians of the Galaxy after Bowie, who has himself sometimes known as "The Donny Cates of Music." Even more impressively, Bowie […]

'Star Trek: Discovery' Cast Sing Bowie Songs During 'Carpool Karaoke'

And other things we've always wanted to see- a Starfleet crew singing David Bowie songs!  Four members of Star Trek: Discovery cast appear in an upcoming episode of Carpool Karaoke singing a true interstellar classic- "Space Oddity" by Bowie. Sonequa Martin-Green is behind the wheel of this….shuttlecraft…with Anthony Rapp in the co-pilot's seat, Doug Jones and Mary Wiseman holding […]

David Bowie Biopic 'Stardust' Starring Johnny Flynn Starts Production this Summer

We are thrilled to report that Stardust, a biopic about one Starman David Bowie, has a production start date, and a pretty interesting cast. The film will focus on Bowie, played in this film by actor/musician Johnny Flynn, namely his trip to the United States in 1971 that inspired the creation of album and iconic character Ziggy Stardust. […]

What If Neil Gaiman Adapted David Bowie Songs for an Animated Something?

First and foremost- YES, DUNCAN JONES, YES. This is one of the best ideas ever, and oddly enough one that >this< writer was literally talking about last night while explaining to their offspring about how David Bowie's rich discography would make the PERFECT prompt for shortform animation projects. Secondly,  here's what we're talking about- If @neilhimself […]

Gary Oldman Narrates 'David Bowie Is' Mobile App

Oscar winning actor Gary Oldman is lending his wonderful voice to an app celebrating the life and legacy of one of his dearest friends, the late great David Bowie. Perhaps you'll recall the incredible "David Bowie is" exhibit that toured the world; a collection of fashion and items highlighting the icon's career. To celebrate what would have […]

Labyrinth Jareth Statue Chronicle 5

Bowie Lives on in New Labyrinth Jareth Statue From Chronicle

David Bowie's iconic portrayal of Jareth in the film Labyrinth  is being immortalized in a new high end statue from Chronicle. The statue will have Jareth posed on a throne next to a goblin. The likeness of Bowie is pretty exceptional, and this statue features incredible detail. The hair, the tattered shirt, the boots. They […]

Three Musicians We Think Should Have Their Own Biopic

The box office success of Bohemian Rhapsody could pave way for other musician biopics to strike while the coals are hot. Here are three artists Hollywood should consider for their next biopic film- Janis Joplin As of the current writing, there is a Janis Joplin biopic in development set to star Michelle Williams, who's no […]

Boo-Wave Halloween Decorations for the Musical-Loving Goth

Halloween continues to branch out from the cardboard black cats and plastic pumpkins, a stroll through your local Target and Michaels will no doubt reflect that. It's like all the companies suddenly realized people will spend their adult-monies on adult-priced and quality home decor and collectables. And then there are artists like Matthew Lineham, who […]

'Bohemian Rhapsody' Soundtrack May Mean We're Getting David Bowie

We knew it was a very likely possibility that David Bowie would play a part in the upcoming Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody from 20th Century Fox, and the reveal of the official soundtrack listing may prove this. Of course, the inclusion of the Queen/Bowie collaboration of 'Under Pressure' doesn't mean outright that we'll be seeing the late […]

Black Milk Clothing Re-Releases Its Magical Labyrinth Collection

Australian brand Black Milk Clothing is known for having access to fantastic pop culture IPs for its lines of spandex fashion, and the company is bringing back one of its most popular. Jim Henson's seminal film Labyrinth is iconic for so many reasons; the music, the incredible puppetry and special effects, teenaged Jennifer Connelly's eyebrows, and of […]

Let's Talk About "The Hunger" On it's 35th Anniversary

The late Tony Scott's second directorial feature film The Hunger opened 35 years ago today, on April 29th in 1983. Still spoken about as a masterpiece of the vampire genre, the moody and dark horror romance holds up. Starring Catherine Deneuve, Susan Sarandon and David Bowie, the film is a very lose adaptation of Whitley Striber's 1981 novel "The Hunger". There is a doctor […]

Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood Joins 2018 Celebrating David Bowie Tour

Evan Rachel Wood is not just an actress, she's also a pretty damn good singer. Perhaps you didn't see the fabulous Across The Universe film where she sang classic The Beatles songs. Perhaps you don't know she has a band with fiancé Zach Villa, Rebel and a Basketcase. The Celebrating David Bowie concert tour announced the Westworld actress today on […]

David Bowie memorial

Happy Birthday, David Bowie – We Miss You, Starman

David Bowie would have turned 71 today, had we not lost his force of space nature two years ago. He left us with an amazing collection of work; music, film, and his continuing legacy of being true to one's self (whichever self that happened to be at the time). It's also Elvis Presley's birthday — […]

David Bowie

5 Things to Watch on TV Today – January 8th, 2018

For those of you who were planning your evening around Donald Trump's "Fake Media Awards", that's been moved to Wednesday. But there are still some good options if you're a fan of rock 'n' roll, football, antiques, or are still catching up on the Arrowverse shows. If you tune into the news, you'll find the […]

Cyanide And Happiness Wants To Raise Your Kids: Boom February 2018 Solicits

Boom! Studios is bringing out a parenting guide from the Cyanide and Happiness team. They know best, because they have no kids. Also, Jim Henson's Labyrinth is launching that very same month. Plus, there's a Charlie Brown collection coming out. This is all coming out February of 2018. Check out the details below. CYANIDE & HAPPINESS: A GUIDE TO PARENTING BY THREE GUYS […]

Jack White Talks To Gary Oldman For Interview Magazine's New Issue

Musician seems almost too easy a word to describe Jack White, but he can add interviewer into his ever expanding repertoire. Most recently, he donned the reporter's cap to speak with Gary Oldman for Interview Magazine about the fabulous film, Darkest Hour. If you're unaware, Gary and Jack aren't unknown to each other, as Gary directed Jack's Amex […]