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Dial H for Hero #12 [Preview]
Dial H for Hero concludes at DC Comics next week, and this preview of Dial H for Hero #12 takes a very unexpected turn. As Miguel pens an apology letter to Superman… …while seemingly floating in blackness with Summer, completely disassociated from reality. It seems these two kids have been engaging in the illicit use of Special K,[...]
I mean, this issue is meant to be a Wonder Comics crossover but how far will they take it? This specific twist begins with the arrival of the Dial H For Hero couple, meeting up with the Wonder Twins, Young Justice and Naomi Although the solicitation for this issue is a Bendis-solicitation, as in it[...]
REVIEW: Dial H For Hero #10 -- "This Issue Falls Down Very Hard"
JUST … NO. DIAL H FOR HERO #10 written by SAM HUMPHRIES art and cover by JOE QUINONES Miguel and Summer's search for the remaining H-Dials takes them into the Multiverse, where they encounter new worlds and new threats never seen before! But are they fast enough—and focused enough—to catch up to Mister Thunderbolt? [...]
Dial H for Hero #6
Dial H for Hero #6 is in stores from DC Comics next week, by the creative team of writer Sam Humphries and artist Joe Quinones Throughout the weekend and early next week, DC Comics will hand an EX-X-XCLUSIVE preview of this and other comics to one of their compliant media partners, part of the secret[...]
Hello? Operator? Can Summer and Miguel Dial H For Hero?
The original Dial H for Hero started in 1966, with a main character who liked to yell "Sockamagee" The series came back again in the '80s, featuring two teens who used the H Dial to turn into super-heroes contributed by readers. I was one of those readers My contribution, Suckman: the Human Vacuum, was never used[...]
Cammy's Covers – Hawkeye To Dial H
Cameron Hatheway writes for Bleeding Cool; Hawkeye #10 by Francesco Francavilla Orange you glad Francavilla illustrated this cover? Simple, yet effective.