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Bad Idea Comics Told You What They Were Doing
The new comics publisher from Dinesh Shamdasani, Hunter Gorinson, Atom Freeman, Warren Simons, and Joshua Johns A direct-to-retailer publisher, eschewing digital and trade paperbacks in favour of one-cover one-per-person comic book sales from big comic book names But we really, really didn't believe them and said as much And then later fingered creator Raman Villalobos[...]
Leeanne M. Krecic's Let's Play Webtoon Comic Now Live-Action TV Show
Come for the plot, stay for the doggo. The comic book is now being adapted as a live-action TV series from LA-based production company Allnighter, and will be executive produced by Bleeding Cool-familiar names Allnighter's Amanda Kruse, Dinesh Shamdasani, and Hunter Gorinson alongside series creator Leeanne M Krecic and former Webtoon EIC, Tom Akel who, as[...]
DC Direct Updates Retailers On New Ordering Procedures
I am hearing a lot of late." And Bad Idea publisher Dinesh Shamdasani who is the kind of level of person who might have been involved in this, and will definitely know some of the people who are – but isn't himself – tweeted "This is something different This is DC trying to get rich[...]
Auto Draft
Well, Bad Idea and Hivemind's Dinesh Shamdasani has the opportunity to do a very comic book version of that if he wants When he posted the state of his comic book original artwork collection on social media And blew all manner of people's minds. Image courtesy of Dinesh Shamdasani We are obviously not worthy. Let's put it[...]
Bad Idea Launches The Button When It Gets A Billion Clicks
However, the publisher, headed up by Dinesh Shamdasani, Warren Simons, Hunter Gorinson, Josh Johns, and Atom Freeman will be donating cash to over a hundred planned launch stores While other publishers like Valiant pause production, Bad Idea keeps going They told their creators to keep working, and are hiring more Bleeding Cool understands that includes approaches to Valiant[...]
Is Bad Idea Planning A New Comics Industry Shake-Up?
For months, there's been rumours – and some not so subtle teasing – that former Valiant Comics executives Dinesh Shamdasani, Warren Simons, Hunter Gorinson and Josh Johns have been building something new and disruptive to mount their return to comics publishing. It looks like they're calling that something Bad Idea – a new comic book publishing house that's already racked up an[...]
Brian Taylor to Adapt Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea's The Illuminatus! Trilogy as a TV Show
Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea's The Illuminatus! Trilogy is to be adapted by the director of Crank and showrunner of Happy, Brian Taylor, production company Hivemind, co-founded by Bleeding Cool favourite, and formerly of Valiant Comics, Dinesh Shamdasani, and European production company Kallisti The book was incredibly influential, not just amongst conspiracy theories of the[...]
Will Dinesh Shamdasani Seduce Youngblood Away From Andrew Rev
And he tweets about the geekiest of his finds along the way. Such as picking up a first printing of Dr Frederick Wertham's Seduction Of The Innocent, the tome that doomed the nascent comic book industry in the fifties. Sooooo excited about this #mailcall!! A 1st printing of SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT from 1954 complete with the[...]
Dinesh Shamdasani
We just ran the speech that Dinesh Shamdasani, ex-CEO of Valiant Entertainment, made at ComicsPRO The big question is, where will Dinesh end up next? After all, after his "forced retirement" after Chinese investors DMG bought up Valiant, he said he is out of the comics business… Forced retirement (temporary) in Hawaii pic.twitter.com/FAThrRRiUQ — Dinesh Shamdasani (@dinesh_s) February[...]
SC Comicon Attendees – Valiant Wants Your Blood
This comes from a tweet by Dinesh Shamdasani, Valiant's CEO & Chief Creative Officer He doesn't say how many Bloodshot t-shirts they have to give away or how long the blood drive goes for… but if you're at the con, I'd say either find the blood drive or ask at the Valiant booth. Donate blood at[...]
Live! From The #ValiantSummit At Twitter Headquarters In San Francisco (UPDATE)
Gathering for the Valiant Summit (#ValiantSummit on Twitter) streamed live today on Periscope from Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, we were joined by Dinesh Shamdasani, Robert Venditti, Jen Van Meter, Warren Simons, Hunter Gorinson, and a crowd of Twitter employees who are big Valiant fans Twitter employees were greeted with some Book of Death swag[...]
WonderCon '15 – The Valiant 25th Anniversary Tour Talks Ivar Timewalker, Divinity, Book Of Death, Bloodshot Reborn, Dead Drop And More
The Valiant 25th Anniversary Tour panel at WonderCon on Saturday, featured Hunter Gorinson, Dinesh Shamdasani (CEO), Fred Van Lente (Ivar Timewalker), Ryan Winn (inker on Divinity). Gorinson introduced us to the company's 25th year, and Valiant 2.0 He moved straight into the new series Ivar Timewalker written by Van Lente Van Lente talked about his "functionally[...]