Doctor Who Lockdown focuses on "Listen" this week, courtesy of BBC Studios.

Doctor Who Lockdown: Listen Comic Shows Us Danny Pink's Superpower

Doctor Who Magazine writer and BBC Radio editor Emily Cook returned on Wednesday with the Doctor Who Lockdown global rewatch of the horror-vibing episode "Listen" Set during Peter Capaldi’s first season as The Doctor, the Series 8 episode finds the Doctor tracking a creature with an uncanny and eerie ability to hide, while Clara (Jenna[...]

Emily Cook continues to coordinate great Doctor Who Lockdown global rewatch events, courtesy of BBC Studios.

Emily Cook on Doctor Who Lockdown Complaint; Neil Gaiman Posts Support

It hasn't been the easiest time for a whole lot of folks, but if you're a Doctor Who fan then you know there's been a steady flow of "geek relief" that's been happening nearly every week Doctor Who Magazine writer and BBC Radio producer Emily Cook has coordinated a number of global rewatch events that[...]

River Song tries to explain to the Doctor on Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.

Doctor Who: Steven Moffat On That 2008 Future Doctor Everyone Missed

As if Doctor Who fans haven't already had their minds blown by the revelations from Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker's 12th series, here comes series franchise heavyweights Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat to tag-team another pretty reveal During a dual interview between the two screenwriters for the series' monthly magazine, it was revealed that[...]

Robert Shearman's Dalek was the topic of this week's Doctor Who rewatch, courtesy of BBC.

Doctor Who Writer Robert Shearman Shares Monsters That Might've Been

Doctor Who fans have had online events such as global rewatches and live-tweeting as well as creative teams behind favorite episodes releasing original content to bookend and enhance the adventures over the past few weeks to enjoy On Thursday, Doctor Who Magazine's Emily Cook coordinated yet another: this time, a global rewatch and live-tweet of[...]

Paul Cornell pens The Shadow in the Mirror for Doctor Who, courtesy of BBS Studios.

Doctor Who Writer Paul Cornell Pens Human Nature/Family of Blood Coda

Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell kicked off the global rewatch and live-tweet of “Human Nature” and “Family of Blood” by penning and posting a new introduction to the two-part adventure entitled "Shadow of a Doubt" that also brought back Lisa Bowerman's Bernice Summerfield From there, Cornell joined Doctor Who Magazine writer and BBC Radio producer[...]

Ten Doctors are set to reunite for The Big Night In, courtesy of BBC Studios.

Doctor Who: 10 Doctors Post Message of Thanks, Hope for Big Night In

A time of crisis is when the Doctor is needed most, and when it comes to supporting our health care workers in these global pandemic times, it takes more than one Doctor to let them know how special they are and to get them the help that they need On Thursday night UK time, Doctors[...]

Graham has a moment with the Doctor on Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.

Doctor Who Writer Joy Wilkinson Pens New Graham-Focused Short Story

Between episode rewatches with live-tweets and new material being released from the creative forces behind some of the most popular episodes of the show's return run, the Doctor Who franchise is as active as ever In fact, it feels more active than it did when the show was in-series (and that's saying a lot) This[...]

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"Doctor Who": Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole Exiting After "Revolution of the Daleks"; Mandip Gill Remaining [REPORT]

Only a day after Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall offered fans a tease for upcoming special "Revolution of the Daleks" (expected to materilize late 2020/early 2021, holiday season), we're getting news that not all of the Doctor's (Jodie Whittaker) companions will be back for Series 13.[caption id="attachment_1163926" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor, Bradley Walsh[...]

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"Doctor Who": Know Someone New to "Who"? Show Them the Basics [VIDEO]

Now we know that in the Doctor Who universe, "early 2020" means New Year's Day as the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and her companions Ryan (Tosin Cole), Yasmin (Mandip Gill) and Graham (Bradley Walsh) materialize back on to BBC One and BBC America screens with two-part series-opener Spyfall Written by showrunner and head writer Chris Chibnall,[...]

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"Doctor Who": A Celebration of All The Doctor's Regenerations [VIDEO]

You’re trotting out these long compilations from Doctor Who to whet fans’ appetite before you finally unveil the Series 12 trailer.Of course it would be a collection of all the Doctor’s regenerations It’s one of the touchstones of the show It’s the most unique gimmick in the history of television When original Doctor William Hartnell[...]

Doctor Who: Are We Giving Daleks Self-Esteem Issues?

If there was one major takeaway from this year's BBC Doctor Who New Year's Special 'Resolution,' it's that there’s definitely a new Dalek in town It’s broke and has no casing, broken off by a bunch of warriors hundreds of years ago So what’s a poor Dalek in "The Big City" to do when it finally[...]

'Doctor Who' Series 12: The Real Big Bad Responsible for 2020 Delay

As we all know by now, there won’t be a new series of Doctor Who in 2019 Series 12 will begin in early 2020.There’s one reason the show has been delayed till 2020: Money. money is often the reason a show gets pushed back, the BBC works differently from commercial TV networks because it has[...]

Doctor Who 'Resolution': Deconstructing the New Year's Day Special's Trailer

Just after the Doctor Who Series 11 finale aired on December 9th, BBC Studios released a 25 second trailer for the much debated New Years Special "Resolution." At first viewing the trailer appears more like that of a Michael Bay film than an episode of Chris Chibnall's Who oeuvre There are explosions, 9th century warriors, more explosions, modern[...]

Doctor Who Series 11: A Darker Season Than You First Thought

Doctor Who Series 11 feels different from the previous seasons because it feels more like a social drama, there’s less continuity-heavy lore, the stories aren’t high in the "cosmic universe-in-danger sense" and sometimes feels slighter than before.[caption id="attachment_947693" align="aligncenter" width="600"] BBC[/caption]But there are moments from this season that are loads darker than they first appear[...]