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Catan – Console Edition Will Be Released In 2023
Dovetail Games announced this week they will be publishing a video game version of Catan known as Catan – Console Edition As you may have guessed by the name, this will be a fully incorporated version of the classic tabletop game in video game form, giving you a chance to play it with your friends[...]
Train Sim World 3 Gets An Early September Release
Indie developer and publisher Dovetail Games put Train Sim World 3 up for pre-order as the game will be released in September The game brings all of the best from the previous two and gives you an enhanced experience as you'll be working with everything from commuter trains in Europe to freight trains in the[...]
Train Sim World 2 Reveals New Journeys Expansion
Dovetail Games have released a brand new expansion into Train Sim World 2 as you can now head off onto some New Journeys This one is essentially a global trip as they'll be including trains and locations from several spots around Europe, giving you a bit more of an exploration vibe than you had previously[...]
Catan 25th Anniversary Edition Released For The Holidays
Dovetail Games and Asmodee Entertainment revealed that they will be bringing the game Catan over to both PlayStation and Xbox The new partnership between the two companies will bring about a completely digital version of the popular tabletop title to both consoles, on both current and next-gen versions There's been no confirmation yet as to[...]
Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Will Be Released This Fall
Dovetail Games has released a new video this past week for Bassmaster Fishing 2022 doing a proper Q&A as well as talking about future content The video, which you can watch down at the bottom, goes over a number of topics fans have been curious about, as they go over some of the finer details[...]
Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Will Be Released This Fall
Dovetail Games revealed ten brand new selectable pro-anglers that will be added to the roster of Bassmaster Fishing 2022 With all of the planning that's going into the game, they have now revealed that you'll be able to play as some of the top players who currently compete in the sport, which will give the[...]
Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Will Be Released This Fall
Dovetail Games released a new trailer this week for Bassmaster Fishing 2022, showing off several new levels that will be in the game All eight levels are from real-world locations and are being designed to give you a feeling of being in the real conditions as you cast your line for native fish to each[...]
Dovetail Games Unveils Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour
Dovetail Games officially announced today they're making a sequel to their train simulation title with Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour As you might suspect from the title, it's all about running trains in the most real-world way possible This title will be taking the experience and making it as authentic as simulation gameplay can[...]
Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Will Be Released This Fall
Dovetail Games announced today they have partnered with B.A.S.S to create the biggest bass fishing game ever made in Bassmaster Fishing 2022 That may sound a little weird to some, but fishing games are pretty popular among sports fans, especially when developers manage to get them right The company has teamed with professional angler and[...]