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The cover to Empyre: X-Men #1
Five X-books came out last week, so let's get right down to business with the first issue of a new miniseries, Empyre: X-Men #1 Oh, and by the way, in a new feature, down at the bottom of this week's articles, you'll find a table of contents linking to all the X-ual Healing recaps of[...]
So Who Made The Shin New Batsuit in Batman #95 Then? (Spoilers)
If any other retailers would like to report their top sellers, please contact richjohnston@bleedingcool.com. Batman #95 Beats Empyre #2 – The Bleeding Cool Bestseller List Top ten bestselling comics of the week Batman beat out Empyre again but it was a close run thing The X-Men titles make up for a lot of that for Marvel though and there's[...]
Empyre: The Avengers #1: Non-stop Frenetic, Global Action
Empyre: Avengers #1 is tasked with the unenviable goal of creating something for the Avengers, who have been the core players in the main Empyre title, to do that adds to the overall title enough to make it feel worth the read, but not enough that those only reading the core book won't understand the narrative without[...]
Marvel SDCC
This is what many Empyre readers have been waiting for Introduced in Young Avengers during the excellent Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung run, Hulkling has become a fan-favorite character Now, he has taken the role of a warlord in Marvel's current mega-event comic Empyre, a choice that seems a far cry from his depiction in the first Young Avengers comics,[...]
Empyre #2 Review: A Beautifully Drawn Event With a Lifeless Story
After kicking off the latest Marvel comic event with a disappointing start in Empyre #1, the team behind this Avengers and Fantastic Four-led crossover are back for another installment Can this tale of two warring races allying themselves to take on a plant-based threat get any better, or is it doomed from the start? Let's find[...]
Empyre: X-Men #1 Review: Zombies vs. Plants vs. Old Ladies
It's interesting, then, to see this character-driven run meet with Empyre, which has struggled with characterization and motivation, losing sight on the Avengers' personalities and intelligence in all of the significant action How will these two series, seemingly worlds apart in the approaches they take to the Marvel universe and storytelling in general, collide in[...]
Lords Of Empyre Emperor Hulking #1 Review: A Moment To Truly Shine
Now, with a threat bigger than both empires alone, Teddy is the last hope to unite both people and save them all from a greater risk, in a way he hopes will kill as few people as possible. The cover of Lords Of Empyre Emperor Hulking #1 Credit: Marvel   What's the problem? Well, there are a few[...]
Dan Slott Reveals The Kids Will Majorly Affect Fantastic Four #SDCC
These two beings are the living histories of the millennia of the Kree-Skrull conflict and there is more to them than meets the eye and they are going to be insanely important to the future the Fantastic Four and to the Empyre." At the end of Fantastic Four #21, the Skrull N'Kalla somehow recognised Alicia Masters,[...]
Venom, Ronin and Empyre Are Killing The Children - Advance Reorders
Teddy And Billy - Lords Of Empyre
The Empyre series has seen Teddy Altman, Hulking leading a Skrull and Kree aligned assault on the Earth But, as Bleeding Cool saw in the tea leaves, it was against the Cotati on the Moon, and they are now seen as the real threat to all animal life in the galaxy But how did Hulking[...]
Krakoan Portals Help Wolverine Guest Star – But Should He Prune Them?
And I'm sure Cyclops likes it like that just fine.  Today's Fantastic Four/X-Men #4 has Reed Richards look at just how many they are – or at least where they are.  Hmm, America could do with a few more, hardly any in Canada or swathes of Russia, With a little treatise on the organic psychic nature[...]
Scarlet Witch's Dark Secret Revealed In X-Men Empyre
Trust Jonathan Hickman when showrunning Dawn Of X and the upcoming X Of Swords to give even a spinoff book like Empyre:X-Men, its grand majestic moment in the sun Because both Empyre spin-off books give Wanda Maximoff and Pietro Maximoff, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, their moment back in the sun First in Empyre: Avengers #1 as[...]
Marvel Joins Up Empyre and Knull With Web Of Venom: Empyre's End
Marvel has announced that October will bring a prelude to November's King In Black series with Web Of Venom: Empyre's End, which should handily and dandily link up the events of Empyre which saw a massive alien army heading towards Earth, with Knull, god of the symbiotes and his massive alien army heading towards Earth[...]
Empyre #1 Review:
Marvel has embarked on a new event with Empyre #1, which is advertised as a crossover between Avengers and Fantastic Four What drew this reviewer to the title, though, was the prominence of Hulkling, as there is never enough content to fill the Young Avengers-sized hole in the comics industry While the tie-ins are many,[...]
Thor, Fire Power and Empyre Top Advance Reorders.
With Fire Power doing similar and a touch of Empyre and Seven Secrets. Greetings from the coal face of the direct comics market Where retailers try to increase their orders of certain comics ahead of sale Where supply and demand and most accurately reflected, where you can see which books are hot, where new orders are[...]
Do You Know What Empyrean Means? Empyre #1 and FF #23 (Spoilers)
Reading both Fantastic Four #23 and Empyre #1 out today get to spell it out, seemingly simultaneously We get to thread them together, Empyrean-style. Page from Fantastic Four #22. Though neither Reed nor Franklin saw this coming in FF #22. Page from Empyre #1. Up on the Moon, in Empyre #1, the Celestial Messiah Quoi of the Cotati has[...]
Empyre #1, With Good, Evil And Everyone On The Wrong Side [Spoilers]
Back when this story was originally published, it was a couple of week's before Empyre #1 was meant to be published, on April 15th Then everything fell apart Now Empyre #1 is meant to be published on Wednesday, July 15th, three months later So how about a refresh? With some brand new preview pages? So again,[...]
Advance Reorders
Empyre is picking up steam with retailers upping their orders on the third issue, as well as lots for tie-in issues This may be the little crossover that could Negan Lives may have also boosted the previously-digital-only Walking Dead: Alien publication too Boom should be happy with the increased attention to Mega Man as well. Greetings[...]
Missing In Action
And while Marvel Comics has reduced the list of Empyre tie-in books, it wasn't confirmed whether or not the books would be released in other formats, such as digital-only. Jim Zub, author Black Panther and the Agents Of Wakanda brings closure He tweets. As far as I know, today's release of BLACK PANTHER and the AGENTS of[...]
Fantsic Four Empyre #0
Today, however, in Fantastic Four Empyre #0, we at least know that Franklin Richards has seen the show – and is using the Baby Yoda lesson well. First Baby Yoda in a Marvel Comic – Empyre #0: Fantastic Four. Not an actual appearance of Baby Yoda, and this was originally to have been published in early April[...]
There are also a few teasers for things that may have been revealed at the time regarding Empyre but have yet to be, and some that will never be Here's a browse through a few… There are conventions that didn't happen and won't be happening…. We never did find out what this Marvel Made thing was, though[...]
You may have read a bunch of Empyre spoilers yesterday But none of them touch this week's Empyre #0: Fantastic Four by Dan Slott and RB Silva Which has a very different take on events We looked at this a few months ago, but with the comic book in question out this week, here's a[...]
New Printings For Die, Power Rangers, Empyre, Kylo Ren and More
Here are the solicitations for a few new printings, including the Empyre #1, #2 and #3 printings previously solicited alongside the first issues and then cancelled With more for Star Wars  and Klyo Ren – which gets a fourth printing – Amazing Spider-Man, Die, Power Rangers, Strange Academy and third printings for Thor. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #40[...]
Thank FOC It's Friday
Because this represents the comic book industry returning to comic book stores en masse, Jeff Bridges, Empyre and Death Metal Thank FOC It's Friday. Traditionally FOC is the date when retailers have a last chance to amend their advance orders for comic books without penalty A final chance for publishers to promote books while orders can still[...]
Avengers Celestial Quest #3 Cover
Empyre #1 launches next week With the Kree and Skrulls united behind one leader, the Kree/Skrull hybrid Hulkling (son of the original Captain Marvel) and on their way to fight the Cotati on Earth's Blue Area of the Moon, there is a lot of Marvel history that lead here, A LOT Going all the way[...]
Green Lantern 80th Anniversary Special #1 1940's Variant Cover
Nevertheless, Marvel shows up strong with Empyre Avengers #0 Main Cover, Rescue 2020 #2 Main Cover, and Spider-Ham #5 going on the Back Order List. #gallery-7 { margin: auto; } #gallery-7 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-7 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-7 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Empyre Avengers #0 Main Cover Rescue 2020 #2 Main Cover Spider-Ham #5[...]
Empyre Peek – Kree/Skrulls Not The Enemy? Hulkling Stabs Carol Danvers
We have previews of Empyre #2 Including what appears to be a scene of Hulking thrusting his Emperor Sword straight through Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, while everyone seems to be threatened by branches Remember our article about the danger of big speeches, a week ago? It also sees the trinity of Thor, Iron Man and[...]
Empyre #0: Fantastic Four Main Cover
Yet, some Event Crossovers exceed those expectations, many don't, and how much enjoyment a reader gets from a reading experience like this varies reader to reader. Last week Empyre Avengers #0 was launched, providing a summary of many of the past events related to Empyre as an Event Crossover, setting the stage for the event, and[...]
Auto Draft
– as this week, it was all about Batman. Batman Booms, Empyre Slumps in Bleeding Cool Bestseller List. Top ten bestselling comics of the week Marvel only having a smattering of titles is not helping them in this week's chart while DC having two big Batman comic books does But even the Green Lantern 80th Anniversary book beat[...]
Empyre Propaganda Promotional Poster
To promote the Empyre #0 Avengers coming out next week, one poster was sent with a unique image of Kree / Skrull propaganda.  Not one of the covers for the upcoming issue, this is a very unusual poster for Marvel to release, especially since it doesn't seem to be in Previews to be ordered normally for purchase rolled.  As usual,[...]