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Erica Schultz Brings Mandrake The Magician to Red 5 October Solicits
Mandrake The Magician is being reinvented by Erica Schultz for Red 5 Comics in Legacy Of Mandrake The Magician #1 with Diego Giribaldi and Juan Pablo Massa with a young woman Mandy Paz having the mantle descend upon her You can also pick up a SDCC exclusive version right now rather than waiting for Red[...]
Machine Girl and the Space Invaders cover. Credit: Red 5 Comics.
Credit: Red 5 Comics. Along with Machine Girl and the Space Invaders, Red 5 will also continue releasing Legacy of Mandrake from Erica Schultz, who is, by my estimation, a writer to follow Here's their full list of upcoming titles: RED 5 COMICS NOVEMBER SOLICITATIONS Angela Della Morte vol 2 #3 Salvador Sanz (w) · Salvador Sanz (a) Angela's final battle is[...]
That means The Shadow vs Batman, Bettie Page, Dresden Files, James Bond, Agent 47 — and Charmed #1 by Erica Schultz and Maria Sanapo. This is the first issue of the new series based on the television series created by Constance M Burge The series ran for eight seasons starting in 1998 and starred Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano and Shannon Doherty in the beginning and[...]
Erica Schultz
We chatted with Erica Schultz, who is best known for her run on the Charmed series for Dynamite Entertainment, her creator-owned crime series M3, and being part of DC Comics's first Writers Workshop She will be a guest at NJCE, which is taking place this weekend, November 18th and 19th at the New Jersey Convention &[...]
comic con
Along with Erica Schultz and Laura Braga, we were going to discuss 'how multiculturalism and a switch to diverse characters has impacted on the modern comic book landscape'. Of course, although I'd been asked to be part of the panel, I never had a confirmation — so I'd assumed Dan was back until Thursday before the[...]
Straight from Dynamite, here's a writer's commentary by Erica Schultz on Charmed #5, the final issue of the current series. Cover by Joe Corroney, with interiors by Maria Sanapo. *  *  *  *  * Can you believe it, Charmed fans? We made it to the end! Thank you SO much for taking this journey with us[...]
Red Sonja
The other day we ran a Writer 2 Writer interview with Amy Chu asking Erica Schultz about Charmed #4 Now Dynamite has sent the flip side of that with Schultz asking Chu about Red Sonja #6. Cover by Mike McKone, interiors by Carlos Gomez. ERICA SCHULTZ: What led you to put Sonja in our time, rather than[...]
Amy Chu Talks With Erica Schultz About The On-Going Charmed Comic Series
Dynamite has sent us a new Writer-2-Writer interview with Amy Chu, writer on Red Sonja and KISS chatting with writer Erica Schultz about the new Charmed series Charmed #4 and Red Sonja #6 are both on sale today. Covers from Joe Corroney and Maria Sanapo along with a photo cover of actress Holly Marie Combs. AMY CHU:[...]
Writer's Commentary – Erica Schultz On Charmed #3
Dynamite has sent us a writer's commentary on the first part of Charmed #3 by Erica Schultz. Cover by Joe Corroney and interiors by Maria Sanapo. As always, I just want to give thanks to the amazing collaborators on this story Maria Sanapo and Heartwork Studios are kicking ass on art Tom Napolitano is doing a great[...]
Writer's Commentary – Erica Schultz On Her Second Issue Of Charmed
Dynamite has sent over a new writer's commentary from Erica Schultz for Charmed #2. Cover by Joe Corroney, interiors by Maria Sanapo The episode focuses on a premonition Phoebe gets about an attack on a local gallery But the curator, Djall, is more than he seems. We really hope you enjoyed the first issue of Charmed[...]
Writer's Commentary – Erica Schultz On Charmed #1
Dynamite has sent us a writer's commentary for their new Charmed series by Erica Schultz and Maria Sanapo Here Schultz talks about the first issue that brings back the Halliwell Sisters. Cover by Joe Corroney. First of all, I'd like to thank Maria Sanapo, Heartwork Studios and Tom Napolitano for their amazing art and design work on[...]
Getting Charmed By Erica Schultz
The Halliwell Sisters are coming back to comics and Erica Schultz is writing them Dynamite Entertainment recently picked up the license and is launching a new Charmed comic in March and I got a chance to chat with Erica about the new series, her familiarity with the property and working with artist Maria Sanapo Covers[...]
Writer's Commentary On Swords of Sorrow: Masquerade / Kato By Erica Schultz
Swords Of Sorrow: Masquerade / Kato writer's commentary by Erica Schultz First, let me say that being a part of a crossover is like being a puzzle piece and not knowing what shape you are You have to coordinate with all the other writers to see what story they're telling, where their story fits, and where[...]
Swords Of Sorrow Expands With Leah Moore, Erica Schultz And Marguerite Bennett
At C2E2 this week Dynamite Entertainment is going to be showing off some of the other titles spinning out of the Swords of Sorrow summer event lead by Gail Simone and featuring some of the top female writers in the industry. In June, there will be Swords of Sorrow: Dejah Thoris & Irene Adler, a three-issue miniseries by[...]