Amy Chu Takes Red Sonja On A Buddy Road Trip

The other day we ran a Writer 2 Writer interview with Amy Chu asking Erica Schultz about Charmed #4. Now Dynamite has sent the flip side of that with Schultz asking Chu about Red Sonja #6. Cover by Mike McKone, interiors by Carlos Gomez.

Red Sonja

ERICA SCHULTZ: What led you to put Sonja in our time, rather than telling a story taking place in Hyrkania?

AMY CHU: It's not a new idea. Sonja and Conan did it in the '70s. I think every classic character needs to get away every now and then.

ES: Kulan Gath's beast reminds me of the dragon from Shreck. Was this on purpose?

AC: No.

ES: Why do all bad guy beasts have gross green blood? Is that a way to tell them from good guy beasts?

AC: She's actually a good girl beast with a bad boss. The green contrasts nicely with spurting human blood.

ES: Why do you think bad guy beasts always want to eat their adversaries?

AC: Again she doesn't really. She just wants to go home.

ES: What other books has Kulan Gath read in his time in our world?

AC: Kulan Gath doesn't have time to read… he's too busy taking over the world.

ES: Now that Kulan Gath is back in his own world, is he going to regenerate and grow a new head? With Sonja no longer in Hyrkania, what's to stop him from destroying her world?

AC: Maybe his head will grow a new body. I haven't decided yet…

ES: Is this road trip going to have some nods to the Green Lantern/Green Arrow comics?

AC: They're going a different route, but sure, it is a buddy roadtrip after all.

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