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Review: Wyrd Games' Malifaux Explorer's Society Starter Set
This must have attracted the attention of Wyrd themselves, for they have sent us a review copy of their newest starter set, revolving around the very faction that ties the aforementioned models together: The Explorer's Society Here's what we think of that starter set! The front of the box for Wyrd Games' Explorer's Society starter set,[...]
Review: Malifaux's "Dark Reflections" Boxed Set By Wyrd Miniatures
Hello there, Wyrdos and other enthusiasts involved in the hobbyist and/or gaming aspects of Wyrd Miniatures' objective-based wargame, Malifaux! We got ahold of a copy of the Third Edition boxed set for "Dark Reflections", a box containing five models for the Explorer's Society faction's Umbra keyword, led by the ineffable English Ivan You may recall[...]
Review: Malifaux's "Dirty Work" Boxed Set For Explorer's Society
Hello, Wyrdos, or anyone else interested or involved in Wyrd Games' popular objective-based skirmish wargame Malifaux! We have been on a bit of a kick regarding the game's newest faction, the Explorer's Society, specifically with respect to the Master known as English Ivan As such, we got ahold of "Dirty Work", one of the latest[...]
Malifaux's English Ivan Core Box, by Wyrd Miniatures: A Review
Part of the Explorer's Society of Malifaux, by Wyrd Games. According to the lore written by Wyrd Games, English Ivan isn't English, isn't named Ivan, and often masquerades as a part of different factions as an infiltrator After accepting an explicit and surprisingly knowing invitation into the Explorer's Society, Ivan was brought onboard into an assignment[...]