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Venom is Back with New Marvel Legends BAF Single Release
Your favorite anti-hero Venom is back once again as Hasbro announces a new Marvel Legends figure New is the key word here as this figure was released in 2018 before but as a Marvel Legends Build a Figure It looks like the completed build a figure is back and features a new paint job and[...]
“Starship Troopers” Bugs Come to Life with Good Smile Company 
On top of the bug, the figure will also come with two kinds of Starship Troopers Power Suit miniature figures Each one is scaled after the Warrior Bug and they came with a Johnny Rico and generic soldier head The injured figure pose will allow a new set of poses for the bug and his[...]
Spider-Man Swings On In with New Deluxe Nendoroid Figure 
This figure features Spidey in his new black and red design and comes with a nice set of optional items Besides his cellphone, interchangeable hands, and an evil robot, Peter all come with a mini Mysterio This mini Mysterio comes with a special base on his own to recreate that amazing water scene from the[...]
Ace Ventura is Ready To Go In Coach with NECA
This time NECA is bringing him alive their newest clothed figure Ace Ventura is ready to go undercover at Shady Acres to find the truth This figure is dressed in his short sleeve buttoned shirt and a tutu He stands at 8" and is fully articulated and ready for your collection Ace will come with[...]
Funko Gives Us A Ticket to Flavortown with New Funko Pop
One of those figures stands out from the rest and is ready to show you some of the best Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives around! That is right collectors and food enthusiasts, Guy Fieri is finally here and he is our collectible ticket to the one and only Flavortown! Funko is never shy to expand their[...]
Catwoman Stretches Her Claws in New MAFEX Figure
They have announced a new MAFEX figure that is perfect for any Catwoman fan She is highly detailed, articulated, and packs the accessories Selina comes with three interchangeable heads, multiple hands, and her whip This figure would be great to add to the Batman and Superman figures already announced from Medicom. The Batman: Hush Catwoman MAFEX[...]
Captain America is the Frontline in the New MAFEX Figure
Captain America is back in action as he is getting a new MAFEX figure from Medicom This figure is based on his Avengers: Infinity War appearance and is packing with detail The figure comes with a nice set of accessories from the film too Cap comes with both hand shields that Black Panther gave him, a[...]
Lando Calrissian Arrives with New Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Figure
We are traveling back to Star Wars: Return of the Jedi with Sideshow Collectibles and their newest sixth scale figure We are getting Lando Calrissian in his bounty hunter disguise when he went undercover in Jabba the Hutts gang This Star Wars icon comes with two separate head portraits, one with the helmet on and the other[...]
Yu-Gi-Oh Summons Dark Magician Girl with Good Smile Company
This time Good Smile Company is summoning Dark Magician Girl to the field once again as the Yu-Gi-Oh figma figure gets a re-release She is highly detailed and user posable and a perfect addition of any fans collection Dark Magician Girl will come with not only a display stand with a bracket but a nice[...]
“Clockwork Orange” Gets A Nendoroid with Good Smile Company
This figure is not only amazingly detailed but comes just a vast variety of accessories Alex will come with two different face plates and even his iconic mask He will also come with mini accessories like a glass of milk and his can Combine those with the display base and you will be able to[...]
Conan the Barbarian Arrives with New Figure from Mezco Toyz
Conan the Barbarian is back and he is better than ever as Mezco Toyz announces their newest figure This figure is a perfect figure for any Conan fan and it comes loaded out with weapons and clothes From a cloak, jewelry, weapons, and interchangeable pieces This is a high-quality figure that is not only badass[...]
Dark Knight Trilogy Catwoman Gets New Figure from Soap Studio
One of them being Catwoman who was portrayed by Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises. This time you can bring her home as Soap Studio has announced a new 1:12 scale figure She has 33 points of articulation and a nice set of accessories that can really fit in a collection This figure would go great with the[...]
The Iron Giant Brings the Power With New Mondo Figure
We recently covered a new Iron Giant figure that recently was exclusive to Walmart and you can find that here However, Mondo wants to dominate the iron Giant market as they announce their newest Mondo Mecha Figure This figure stands 12.5" tall, has over 35 points of articulation, and a whole variety in interchangeable heads[...]
“Devil May Cry V” Dante is Ready to Slay with New Asmus Toys Figure
This time Dante is taking the wheel and really packing an arsenal with his new figure from Asmus Toys Not only can you get a standard edition of the figure but you can upgrade to a Luxury edition too The luxury edition is honestly for the gamer collectors out there as it features pieces of[...]
Simba Comes to Life with New Nendoroid from Good Smile Company 
This time be is ready to explore your shelves as Good Smile Company announces a new Nendoroid figure This figure is based on the classic Disney animated film The Lion King and he is adorable He comes with two different faceplates so you can recreate scenes from the film Simha's body is also quite articulated so[...]
London Toy Fair Funko Pop Reveals - X-Men Rogue and Gambit
So small that in fact it is only two characters but each does have a variant figure for each The two love birds Rogue and Gambit are finally making their first Funko Pop debuts Each one will come will a retailer variant like Rouge is getting Hot Topic exclusive that features the same head mold[...]
"The Mandalorian" Gets Another Figure From Hot Toys
This will make the fourth figure to come out from the series by Hot Toys and that is not surprising since it's so popular The figure features the newly designed Stormtrooper features interchangeable hands, a display stand, and his flamethrower I do appreciate that they included an attachable flame effect to really step up this[...]
This is the Way to Our Mandalorian Funko Pop Review 
This is a continuation of our The Mandalorian Funko Pop vinyl figures We covered all of the upcoming Funko Pop figures in the newest wave that is coming out here We have also covered the first three Mandalorian figures here which were The Mandalorian, Heavy Infantry, and Death Watch This time the Mando Ladies get[...]
This is the Way to Our Mandalorian Funko Pop Review 
Funko has released a massive wave of The Mandalorian Pops since the first season of the Disney+ show has concluded we are getting the spoiler figures We covered all of the upcoming Funko Pop figures coming out here We will be covering five Mandalorians in this review: The Mandalorian, Heavy Infantry, and Death Watch Mandalorians will[...]
Draco Malfoy Makes Slytherin Proud with Good Smile Company 
Harry Potter had his time to shine, it is now Draco Malfoy's turn! Good Smile Company has been giving us a nice set of Harry Potter figures last year and it looks like their wizarding world continues This time it is house Slytherin in charge as Draco Malfoy gets his Nendoroid figure appearance This figure[...]
“Kingdom Hearts” Nendoroid Figures get Re-Release from Good Smile Company 
Good Smile Company is helping us in our withdrawn by re-releasing both Sora and Riku Nendoroid figures! Both figures are adorable and filled with the perfect amount of detail and accessories Sora comes with two different key blades, one being the Kingdom Key and the other Pumpkinhead from Halloween Town On top of that Sora[...]
The Witcher is Back with Re-Release from Good Smile Company 
For the excitement of the series, it looks like Good Smile Company has re-release their amazing Geralt of Rivia Nendoroid figure This figure is worthy of your coin with real articulation, details, and accessories The Witcher comes with interchangeable faceplates, Gwent cards, and both silver and steel swords Another cool feature fans can appreciate is[...]
Batman Beyond Jets on in With New Hot Toys Figure
Batman Beyond is back yet again as Hot Toys announces their new sixth scale figure Unlike the animated series, this costume is based on its appearance from the video game Batman: Arkham Knight. Which is a more armored styled take on the batsuit compared to its sleek animated design This is still a kickass figure that any[...]
assassin's creed
This time he is breaking out of the screen and onto your shelves with the new 1/6th scale figure from Damtoys This figure is something special and Damtoys has put a lot of time and effort into him to perfectly capture this character in the real world From the features of his face to the[...]
NECA Gives Us a Taste of the Upcoming Alpha Predator Figure
That is when we got our most recent look at the long awaited Alpha Predator fro their Predator line of figures This figure is supposed to be their 100th Predator Figured released in the line which is an accomplishment on its own The initial reveal slipped past most as NECA shared some special upcoming images for the[...]
Thor Goes Deluxe with New “Avengers: Endgame” Nendoroid Figure 
You can now bring Thor home as Good Smile Company announced the God of Thunder as their newest Nendoroid figure This time he is going deluxe and is packed with faces, hands, and accessories The coolest part of this figure is that you can switch him better both Infinity and Endgame looks That's right Thor[...]
NECA Releases a Flasher with New “Gremlins” Figure Series
So it is no surprise that we are getting a new figure but this one is ready to show it all The Flasher Gremlin is the next figure to be coming out next and he is packing, accessories that is The figure is based on that classic bar scene from the film and he comes[...]
Gundam Exia Figure is Releasing Soon from Bandai
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 ended nearly 10 years ago and now you can get your own Exia figure This time Bandai has created the perfect grade figure that is their first Gundam figure to be part of their GunPla Evolution 40th Anniversary This figure features a specialized metal skeleton and perfected details to give collectors[...]
"Mortal Kombat" Gets a New Challenger with Storm Collectibles
The Mortal Kombat has begun yet again and this time the God of Thunder has returned! Raiden is making his way to the arena again as Storm Collectibles finally shows off their next figure release from their Mortal Kombat line We were given a teaser for this figure before but all we saw were electric hands and[...]