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The New York Times Building, Park Row, circa 1873. Tim Flynn's Billiard Hall basement entrance visible foreground right.
It seems that one evening around the first week of March 1876, dime novel publishers Norman Munro and Frank Tousey and comic paper publisher and editors George G Small and John A Harrington were enjoying a game of pool at Tim Flynn's Billiard Room, when the stakes got rather heated.  The three publishers mentioned were[...]
THE ISSUE: Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Takes on Periodicals vs Books
This appears to be the result of losing a lawsuit against the Postmaster General (in conjunction with fellow major dime novel publisher Frank Tousey, Publisher) over the disqualification of dime novel weeklies for 2nd class postage rates. The disqualification hinged on the results of a 1911 study by the Post Office regarding how 2nd class postage[...]
THE ISSUE: The First Crossover Reboot Event on American Newsstands
When publisher Frank Tousey realized he needed to reboot his seminal sci-fi/adventure/horror story paper Boys of New York due to newsdealer demands for smaller, more handleable formats (Boys of New York was a full-size, newspaper-sized story paper, Happy Days is folio-sized, which is akin to a tabloid format), he stopped Boys of New York at[...]
Boys of New York #749, December 21, 1889, published by Frank Tousey.
Everything will be from before 1940, and most of it will be from before 1920. Boys of New York #749, December 21, 1889, published by Frank Tousey. The following article about story papers and their publishers appeared in an 1889 Garden City, Kansas newspaper (and presumably elsewhere) While the numbers are likely somewhat inflated, the "pecking order",[...]
Turkey Vigilantes, Dead Rabbits, and the Greatest Thanksgiving Story of All Time
Happy Days #314, the October 20, 1900 cover-dated issue of the weekly story paper from publisher Frank Tousey, is very likely the greatest Thanksgiving newsstand fiction periodical cover in the history of history The title story is the opening chapter of a multi-issue serial by "C Little", a pen name for prolific dime novel-era writer[...]
The Secret Pre-History Of The Green Lantern
In one example, the Emerald caused a wave of water to crash down on a boat to foil the villain of the story (who has a great super villain-y name: Captain Strange). The Happy Days series is one of the great "story papers" from publisher Frank Tousey, which pre-figure and significantly influence the pulp era and[...]