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Site 13 is Two Horror Movies Made 17 Years Apart Merged Into One

On this episode of Castle Talk, Jason chats with director Nathan Faudree, whose new Lovecraftian horror film Site 13 has a curious history-- it was built in two parts 17 years apart.

On this episode of Castle Talk, Jason chats with director Nathan Faudree, whose new film is Site 13, a new film with a curious history. The Lovecraftian horror film combines film genres– part Blair Witch Project-style found footage film and part traditional indy horror. The juxtaposition comes from the very unusual manner of the completion of Site 13: the two parts of the film were shot seventeen years apart.

Castle Talk logo and Site 13 poster used with permission
Castle Talk logo and Site 13 poster were used with permission.

Faudree, who wrote last year's Best Streaming Premier Chainsaw Nominee, A Wounded Fawn, explains how the project came about and was finally completed in the chat. He was initially hired as an actor on the shoot, where Faudree played Dr. Marsh, a young professor who wants to prove that mysterious crop-circle-like sites are portals to other dimensions. The film shot nearly enough for a full feature but ceased production when the director retired. Seventeen years later, Faudree gathered resources to build a new mystery and story that treated the original footage as documentary evidence being studied by the characters in a contemporary setting.

In the current era, Katie Gibson plays Catherine, a former nun called back administrator Sister Margaret (played by Leila Dean) to a hospital where Faudree's Dr. Marsh has just emerged from a coma with news that an other-worldly consciousness will come for him.

In the chat, Faudree discusses the challenges of getting all the shots he needed in a short amount of time (the new footage was shot in a week over several sets.) He also chats about the pressures of being an actor during the current double strike, pointing out that, thankfully, SAG-AFTRA has permitted promotions for independent features to continue.

Site 13 was released on demand and on digital July 28th.

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