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Heroquest Board Game From 1989 Rebooted And Preorders Begin Today
Heroquest, the classic board game produced by Hasbro and Avalon Hill Games, is making a triumphant return quite soon! The game will be available for pre-order on November 15th of this year and can be found on Hasbro Pulse. A shot of the front of the box for Heroquest, a classic game reimagined by Hasbro and[...]
Avalon Hill Will Be Releasing A Revised Version Of HeroQuest
It appears Avalon Hill is resurrecting another board game from the past as the company announced HeroQuest is returning Back in the late-80s and early-90s, this was the epic game of games to be playing if you wanted fantasy but didn't have time to put together a D&D group Originally conceived by Milton Bradley in[...]
Bleeding Gen Con: This Year's Must Have Games At Gen Con
It helps that the creative minds at Monte Cook Games back up this idea with a couple of the most creative and evocative setting on the roleplaying market currently. The Cypher System Core Rolebook would be great for an "action horror" game in the vein of Justice League Dark, Demon Knights or Constantine from DC Comics, and should appeal to the fans[...]
Explore Mythic Realms With HeroQuest Glorantha From Moon Design
With a second, revised edition of these rules the game's name was changed to HeroQuest (after a board game of the same name went out of print and the publisher let its rights to the name drop). HeroQuest Glorantha is a standalone game, based on the second edition of the HeroQuest rules, that has everything that you need[...]